Novel materials and manufacturing technologies continue to bring innovative solutions that improve the prosperity and security of our society. ECS researchers have a proven record in the areas of sustainable manufacturing and 3D printing, stimuli responsive materials, material innovation for microwave engineering, and novel interfaces and materials for energy conversion and storage applications. These applications promote environmentally friendly and energy efficient manufacturing and develop innovative materials that could sense, actuate and adapt to external stimuli. ECS faculty are also leading the education and hands-on training to graduate and undergraduate students to prepare the next generation of diverse and skilled workforce.

Professor Yeqing Wang standing in front of Crouse College holding a piece of burnt material

One core area seeks to design new 3D printers and machines to extend the current manufacturing capabilities in terms of resolution, speed, size and materials.

Three researchers standing in a lab looking at an object

We also specialize in the area of ‘smart’ materials that dynamically sense, actuate or adapt to external stimuli with applications ranging from soft robotics to clean energy to health care.

Seth Reed

Some notable ECS news stories in this area include:

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