ECS researchers have contributed many innovations to the foundation and development of algorithmic methods. In addition to foundational studies, our researchers are also distinctive in their work in developing algorithms for the betterment of society. These applications promote the efficient use of clean energy, anticipate and prepare for disasters, enhance access to affordable urban transportation, and more. ECS researchers also seek to identify inequities that arise in algorithmic design, and to help the next generation of engineers and computer scientists recognize and combat algorithmic bias.

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One core area seeks to examine the fairness of AI algorithms, with an aim toward reducing bias and narrowing inequality. We also specialize in artificial intelligence (AI) and optimization algorithms that detect threats on social networks, fortify networks, and interdict illegal trafficking activities, among many other important applications.

A few examples of these studies can be found in Dr. Sucheta Soundarajan’s work on unfairness in social networks and in identifying machine-learning discrimination from a legal perspective. Dr. Ferdinando Fioretto has become an international leader in the field of differential privacy, a topic at the heart of balancing data privacy while ensuring algorithmic fairness.

Some notable ECS news stories in this area include:

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