Viktor J. Cybulskis

Assistant Professor

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering

367 Link Hall



  • Postdoctoral, Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2016-2018
  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, 2016
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, 2005

Research interests

  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms
  • Synthetic Materials Chemistry
  • Zeolites and Molecular Sieves

Current Research

The Cybulskis lab focuses on developing heterogeneous catalysts with targeted structures and predictable functions that can be tuned to enable new reaction pathways and perform challenging chemical transformations with enhanced selectivity. We are primarily interested in the synthesis of inorganic solid catalysts, including oxide-supported metals and molecular sieves (e.g., microporous zeolites and zeotypes, mesoporous materials), for use in new, eco-friendly processes to convert carbon-based natural resources, such as petroleum, shale, and biomass-derived feedstocks, into value-added chemical products and fuels.

Our experimental research approach combines materials synthesis, catalyst characterization, fundamental reaction kinetics, and mechanistic studies to identify relevant chemical descriptors of catalytic behavior and develop protocols to tailor the physicochemical properties and macroscopic functionality of heterogeneous catalysts for specific reactions. Current research topics include:

  • Catalytic functionalization of light oxygenates, such as formaldehyde, to evaluate and tune molecular sieve performance
  • Tandem catalytic pathways for transforming light hydrocarbons into chemical intermediates and fuels
  • Synthesis of microporous molecular sieves with prescribed crystal structures by design

Teaching Interests

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics

Recent Publications

  • Guo, Q.; Ren, L.; Kumar, P.; Cybulskis, V.J.; Mkhoyan, A.K.; Davis, M.E.; Tsapatsis, M.; “A Chromium Hydroxide/MIL-101(Cr) Composite Catalyst and its use for Selective Glucose Isomerization to Fructose.” Angewandte Chemie International Edition.2018,130, 5020-5024.
  • Cui, Y.; Li, Z.; Zhao, Z.; Cybulskis, V.J.; Sabnis, K.D.; Han, C.W.; Ortalan, V.; Schneider, W.F.; Greeley, J.; Delgass, W.N.; Ribeiro, F.H.; “Participation of Interfacial Hydroxyl Groups in the Water-Gas Shift Reaction Over Au/MgO Catalysts.” Catalysis Science and Technology2017,7, 5257-5266.
  • Cybulskis, V.J.; Bukowski, B.C.; Tseng, H.-T.; Gallagher, J.R.; Wu, Z.; Wegener, E.; Kropf, A.J.; Ravel, B.; Ribeiro, F.H.; Greeley, J.; Miller, J.T. “Zinc Promotion of Platinum for Catalytic Light Alkane Dehydrogenation: Insights into Geometric and Electronic Effects.” ACS Catalysis.2017,7(6),4173-4181.
  • Cybulskis, V.J.; Pradhan, S.U.; Lovón-Quintana, J.J.; Hock, A.S.; Hu, B.; Zhang, G.; Delgass, W.N.; Ribeiro, F.H.; Miller, J.T. “The Nature of the Isolated Gallium Active Center for Propane Dehydrogenation on Ga/SiO­2.” Catalysis Letters2017,147, 1252-1262.
  • Cybulskis, V.J.; Harris, J.; Zvinevich, Y.; Ribeiro, F.H.; Gounder, R. “A Transmission Infrared Cell Design for Temperature-Controlled Adsorption and Reactivity Studies on Heterogeneous Catalysts.” Review of Scientific Instruments2016, 87(10), 1031011-1031018.