R.K. Anand

R.K. Anand G’90


RK Anand is CEO of Recogni Inc. – a Silicon Valley startup that is focused on using AI/ML to solve the perception challenge for autonomous vehicles and robot. Recogni raised $25m in 2019 and is deep in product development. RK is a graduate of the School of Engineering with a MS in computer engineering. He started his career in 1990 at Sun Microsystems designing microprocessors and then in 1996 joined Juniper networks as a founding engineer and eventually rose in his career there as Executive Vice President reporting to the CEO. During his career at Juniper for over 17 years, RK designed and delivered multiple routing and switching products to the carrier and enterprise markets. These products form the backbone of the internet today. RK’s deep interest is in mentoring and guiding individuals during the early part of their careers so that they can achieve the most with their potential and capabilities. RK is looking forward to be of help and support to young people during this period of uncertainty and turmoil – as they look to enter the job market and make choices about their future.