Bharat Krishna

Bharat Krishna G’94, G’05

Vice President Information Technology, Ampere Computing

Dr. Krishna received his Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from Syracuse University in 2005. He has been with Intel Corporation since 1995 when he joined the company as a CAD engineer. The VLSI CAD and software engineering course by Dr. Roger Chen, Dr. Shu-Chi Chin, Dr Stabler, Dr. Oldfield and Dr. Fawcett paved the way for his career. Starting in 1995 with the Pentium MMX project and continuing to the current Xeon products, Dr. Krishna has contributed to many of Intel’s microprocess projects that have led the digitization of the world. 

Dr. Krishna is an established Digital Transformation leader focusing on large scale operations that support high performance microprocessor design. He is passionate about automation and creating systems that enable users to self-serve and be productive.

Outside of work, Dr. Krishna is passionate about reading, tennis, hiking and fitness. He recently started learning and practicing yoga.

Favorite Syracuse University Memory:

Student life and being part of the Cinema Student Group which screened movies before they released in movie theatres.