Optional Courses

You may also register for one of the following optional courses. Read through the descriptions for the Marching Band Option and Army/Air Force ROTC and determine if you wish to register for one.

ENI 510 –Syracuse University Marching Band (SUMB) Option “The Pride of The Orange”

If you are interested in participating in “The Pride of the Orange,” Syracuse University Marching Band, please contact the band office at 315-443-2194 or e-mail Fran Moore at fmmoore@syr.edu. All members are required to attend band camp the week before classes begin. Rehearsals averaging six hours per week (three evenings, two hours each) occur during the fall semester with additional rehearsals during game week. You are required to register for Marching Band (ENI 510) for one credit.  If you are at a maximum credit load, your college will contact the band office for consent.

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MST 101 or ASC 101 –  Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

If you are interested in enrolling in the Army or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), you should have received information in a separate mailing. If you have not received information, please call or e-mail to find out more about the program that interests you.  The Army course meets once a week for academics, two leadership lab hours and three physical fitness hours each week, and the Air Force  meets for three academic and three physical fitness hours each week. Courses taken through the ROTC program are counted as additional courses—they are in addition to the normal course load. AFROTC courses can be taken for credit or noncredit. Army ROTC offers merit based scholarships that pay for full tuition and fees at Syracuse, as well as monthly stipends. Air Force ROTC also offers merit- based scholarships that pay for full or partial tuition and fees, and gives each recipient a monthly stipend. In addition, all Army and Air Force ROTC scholarship winners receive a full Room & Board Leadership Award from the University that can be applied to their room and board fees.

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Air Force contact information:

Phone number: 315-443-2461                                                    
Email: afdet535@syr.eduAirforce ROTC website.

Army contact information:

Phone number: 315-443-3759
Email: armyrotc@syr.eduArmy ROTC website.