Center for Environmental Systems Engineering (CESE)

Mission & Purpose
The Center for Environmental Systems Engineering (CESE) is a collaborative facility used by faculty, staff, students at Syracuse University and cooperators.
The mission of the CESE is to facilitate collaboration on research and analytical measurements pertaining to environmental problems and technologies. The
CESE is housed in Link Hall within the College of Engineering at Computer Science at SU. Collaborators and students across and beyond SU are encouraged to
use the facilities and to interact with CESE faculty, staff, and students.

Current Research

  1. Climate change effects and mitigation on ecosystems, water systems and infrastructure.
  2. Use of spatial science data and global earth observations for water resource management and response to hydroclimatic disasters.
  3. Sources, transport, transformations, fate and remediation of nutrients and trace organic and inorganic contaminants
  4. The cost-effectiveness of approaches to decarbonize sectors and to promote carbon sequestration.
  5. Application and effectiveness of green infrastructure.

The CESE includes 22,000ft2 of core and individual laboratories that have been designed with the versatility required for interdisciplinary studies and are
furnished with sophisticated equipment for environmental research. Facilities allow for the characterization/analysis of biogeochemistry of complex
ecosystems, microbial characterization, soil/sediment processing and analysis, major element analysis, organic and inorganic trace substance processing,
and analysis, and a state-of-the-art, Class 1,000 clean room. Computer laboratories are available for data analysis, environmental modeling, visualization,
and GIS.