Center for Environmental Systems Engineering (CESE)

The Center for Environmental Systems Engineering (CESE) encompasses faculty from the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Syracuse University.

The CESE laboratories occupy the 4th floor of Link Hall, which is centrally located on the Syracuse University campus. The accommodations are newly constructed and comprise of 22,000 square feet, including core laboratories and individual faculty laboratories. The core laboratories include a microbiology, soil, 3 analytical, water, acid wash, trace metals and state of the art Class 10,000 clean room. In addition, there is a radioactive isotope laboratory, dark room, 3 constant temperature rooms, cold room, computer lab for students equipped with personal computers and printers, and a teaching laboratory. The facilities have been designed with versatility required for interdisciplinary research.

Faculty within CESE conduct research under the broad topic of environmental systems, focusing on two areas:

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Technology