Teng Zeng

Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

151D Link Hall




  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2012.
  • M.S. Environmental Science and Engineering, Singapore Stanford Partnership, 2007.
  • B.S. Environmental Science, Tongji University, 2006.

Research Interests:

  • Water quality
  • Contaminant fate
  • Wastewater surveillance

Current Research:

Our group combines field work, organic trace analytics, and fate process modeling to study organic molecules of environmental and public health significance. We apply high-resolution mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis tools to investigate the occurrence patterns and fate of organic micropollutants in lakes, streams, and groundwater across urban and agricultural landscapes. We are also interested in characterizing the photochemical and redox reactivity of organic matter and its role in contaminant transformation and biogeochemical processes within natural and engineered systems. Lastly, we are participating in wastewater surveillance projects to assess population-level substance consumption patterns and their relations to sociodemographics. We closely work with undergraduate and graduate students and collaborate with investigators and organizations across multiple disciplines.

Courses Taught:

  • CEE 442/642 Treatment Processes in Environmental Engineering
  • CEE 430/630 Environmental Organic Chemistry
  • CEE 571 Water Quality Modeling

Recent Publications:

Wasswa, J.; Driscoll, C. T.; Zeng, T., Contrasting impacts of photochemical and microbial processing on the photoreactivity of dissolved organic matter in an Adirondack Lake watershed. Environmental Science & Technology 2022, 56, (3), 1688-1701. 

Larsen, D. A.; Collins, M. B.; Du, Q.; Hill, D.; Insaf, T. Z.; Kilaru, P.; Kmush, B. L.; Middleton, F.; Stamm, A.; Wilder, M. L.; Zeng, T.; Green, H., Coupling freedom from disease principles and early warning from wastewater surveillance to improve health security. PNAS Nexus 2022, 1, (1), pgac001. 

Wang, S.; Perkins, M.; Matthews, D. A.; Zeng, T., Coupling suspect and nontarget screening with mass balance modeling to characterize organic micropollutants in the Onondaga Lake–Three Rivers system. Environmental Science & Technology 2021, 55, (22), 15215-15226. 

Kurtz, T.; Zeng, T.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L., Photodegradation of cyanotoxins in surface waters. Water Research 2021, 192, 116804. 

Wilder, M. L.; Middleton, F.; Larsen, D. A.; Du, Q.; Fenty, A.; Zeng, T.; Insaf, T.; Kilaru, P.; Collins, M.; Kmush, B.; Green, H. C., Co-quantification of crAssphage increases confidence in wastewater-based epidemiology for SARS-CoV-2 in low prevalence areas. Water Research X 2021, 11, 100100. 

Wang, S.; Green, H. C.; Wilder, M. L.; Du, Q.; Kmush, B. L.; Collins, M. B.; Larsen, D. A.; Zeng, T., High-throughput wastewater analysis for substance use assessment in central New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 2020,22, (11), 2147-2161. 

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