Advising Team

As a member of your Advising Team, your Student Success Advisor is your resource for success in ECS.  We provide ongoing assistance through regular meetings and programming to support your transition to college and overall student experience, provide strategies for academic and personal success, connect you with resources, and monitor your academic progress Visit Student Success Advising to learn more about how to connect with your Success Advisor 

ECS Career Advising 

Career Services provides students with the tools they need to succeed in today’s job market.  We maintain close relationships with industry leaders who regularly connect with our students through information sessions, lobby tabling, career fairs, on-campus interviewing, and more. Our strong connection to the industry coupled with our workshops, seminars, office hours, and drop-in advising allows us to empower our students to successfully reach their professional goals.  Visit Career Services to learn more about how to connect with your Career Advisor.

ECS Faculty Advising 

Faculty Advisors ensure that students understand their discipline and curriculum, assist with course selection, support degree progress, and provide professional development and career advice. 

Students meet with their Faculty Advisor each semester to discuss their courses for the following semester to ensure they remain on track with their curriculum. 

You can find your Faculty/Major Advisors’ contact information in your Success Network on Orange Success.  Many Faculty Advisors also utilize Orange Success to schedule their appointments.  If they do not,, you can contact your Faculty Advisor via email to schedule an appointment 

Syracuse University Professional Advising Mission Statement: 

To collaboratively support and empower students in an inclusive environment to realize their potential, make informed decisions, and thrive in an interconnected and changing world. 

ECS Professional Advising Mission, Vision, and Outcomes: 

Mission: To provide all students a robust and holistic undergraduate experience by empowering them to seek opportunities to become successful through outreach, engagement, and relationship building in an inclusive environment.  Our staff takes a team approach to connecting students with a network of resources for academic, social, and career development. 

Vision: We want to see every student succeed in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  Starting in the first semester, each undergraduate student will be assigned to a support network consisting of a Faculty Advisor, Career Advisor and Success Advisor to guide them on academic, professional, and personal matters from their transition to college through degree completion.   

Outcomes: Through engagement with the College of Engineering and Computer Science and their Advising Team, upon graduation, an ECS undergraduate student: 

  • Will have established a personal, academic, and professional support network 
  • Will have developed a peer network through involvement in college activities, mentoring opportunities, and leadership experiences 
  • Will be able to develop and model an accurate sense of self; cultivate a profound understanding of personal motivation; and practice personal, academic, & professional responsibility 
  • Will proactively make every effort to increase their skill sets and remain abreast of the latest technology so as to maintain a competitive advantage 
  • Will be encouraged to take the initiative to develop the skills necessary to position themselves as a competitive candidate in academic and professional markets 
  • Will have utilized the available internal and external resources and engage with a variety of career –related services so that they can successfully obtain co-op/internship/research opportunities and ultimately achieve successful post-graduation goals 
  • Will be able to articulate the connection between their degree program and their professional aspirations