Advising Initiative

Student Connections 

  • First and second year students meet regularly with their Success Advisor to establish a strong foundation for success during college.  These meetings cover goal setting, creating a plan for achieving those goals, address potential barriers to success, and provide strategies and skill development for success.
  • Students on academic probation meet with their Success Advisor as part of our Academic Recovery Initiative to identify barriers to academic success, strategies and resources for improving academic performance, and ongoing encouragement to stay on track
  • All students are encouraged to stay connected with their Success Advisor for ongoing support and encouragement.
  • The Success Advisors work closely with the ECS Living Learning Community in Shaw Hall.

Monitoring Progress through Orange Success

  • Success Advisors monitor students’ progress through Orange Success and encourage students to meet with them if they have flags or other concerns in their courses

Success Strategy Workshops

  • Collaboration with ECS 101 Faculty: Success Advisors collaborate with the faculty who teach ECS 101 to implement success outcomes during the first semester as part of the course
  • Classroom Workshops: Faculty may request a Success Strategies workshop for their class.  These workshops can be done either during a scheduled class time, or as an out-of-class assignment.  Faculty who are interested in this opportunity should submit this request form as early as possible.
  • Stand Alone success workshops are open to the College throughout the academic year

Social and Wellness Programming

  • The Success Advising Program facilitates regular activities which promote community building in ECS.  Examples of what has been done in the past include game nights, DIY craft nights, ice skating, and a trip to a Syracuse Crunch hockey game.
  • Overall wellness is important to a students’ success in college.  The Success Advisors coordinate Wellness Wednesday programming throughout the semester, as well as De-Stress Fest each semester.

Collaboration with Campus Partners