Admitted Student Checklist

Welcome and congratulations!

Congratulations on your admission to the Syracuse University College of Engineering & Computer Science! We are excited to help you through the process of matriculation and answer any questions you have along the way.

Admitted Student Checklist


You will receive your official admission notification from Syracuse University via email. To track your application status and to view your admission letter you will need to access the Application Portal.


There are two step to accepting your admission and becoming matriculated:

  1. After you have reviewed the acceptance letter you will submit your Admission Acceptance Form (AAF) to either accept or decline the admission offer. The AAF will appear in your Application Portal after you have open and viewed your acceptance letter. 
  2. MS students must submit a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500. You will find instructions on how to submit this deposit in the Application Portal. This deposit will be credited to your first tuition bill upon matriculation. Only one deposit is required, even if you have been admitted to a dual degree program.

PhD Students and MS students entering in the Spring Semester do not need to submit a tuition deposit.

The deadline to submit your AAF and Deposit for Fall is May 15th. If you require an extension of this due date, please contact us (

Visa eligibility documents will not be issued to international students until the AAF, tuition deposit and funding documentation have all been submitted.


An I-20 (or any other visa eligibility document) will not be issued until the AAF, Graduate Deposit and proof of funding have all been submitted.

International students must submit the required financial documentation to demonstrate their ability to cover the costs of their education and living expenses while in the United States. The required funding is based on the first-year tuition charges plus estimated living expenses. Any scholarships or awards received by the University or College of Engineering and Computer Science will be applied to these costs.

More information, including the estimated cost of attendance, can be found on the international graduate student funding requirements webpage.


By the end of their first semester of study, all graduate students must submit an official transcript which must bear the appropriate signatures and seal of the institution that issued it, and must be received by Syracuse University in a sealed envelope or electronically directly from that institution. Unsealed documents which may have been in the hands of students are not considered official.

For students who have received a degree(s) from a U.S. institution(s):

  • Transcript(s) from all prior institutions indicating that a degree(s) has been awarded.

For students who have received a degree(s) outside the U. S.:

  • A diploma, certificate, or certificate of graduation bearing the appropriate signatures and seal of the institution that specifies your degree(s) and date(s) of degree awarded.
  • A transcript (mark sheet, statement of marks, grade report) that contains all courses taken and grades for each course completed as related to each degree awarded.

Find further information on transcript requirements for domestic and international students here.


  • NetID: If you have not activated your NetID already, you will need to do so. You can activate your NetID using your SUID number. Graduate admission applicants can find their SUID number at the top of their Admissions Applicant Portal.

Please Note: It can take up to 24 business hours after activating your NetID before you will be able to log into MySlice.

Activate your NetID

  • SUID Card: Electronically submit your own picture for your SU I.D. Card on the ID Card Services webpage.

Your SU I.D. Card will serve as your official Syracuse University identification and will provide you access to residence halls, dining centers, computer labs, library privileges, print and copy centers and the Syracuse University Bookstore.

Once your SU I.D. is created, you can pick it up on campus at Syracuse University Card Services in 111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 111.


  • Obtain all required immunizations and file the health record form through the secure Patient Portal. Records are due prior to your arrival on campus.


Syracuse University does not offer guaranteed housing for graduate students. However, the institution provides ample resources via the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services to aid in your search.

A list of housing options can be viewed through our Off Campus Housing Marketplace webpage. From this page you can view community resources or find a roommate. To view potential roommates you will need to create a profile. You will need to log in with your SU ID credentials and complete a new registrant profile page.


The Center for International Services has their own Pre-Arrival Checklist for international students that can be found here.

When international students arrive in the U.S. they are required to Check-In with the Center for International Services.

The Center for International Services offers a series of Zoom meetings to help you make an easier transition to Syracuse University by introducing you to the campus and its resources. They also offer an In-Person Orientation in the fall. Registration for their Zoom Meeting and information on their Fall Orientation can be found here.


New graduate students will receive their enrollment appointment at the beginning of August. You will want to connect with your academic department about course selection and advising requirements before registering for any courses.

Course registration is completed online in your MySlice account. You can also find your registration date and time in MySlice under “Enrollment – Enrollment Dates.”

The Registrar has set up an Registration Answers page which offer guidance on how to register through MySlice as well as an Registration FAQ page. You will need to sign in using your activated NetID and password to view the Answers page.

The Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment period can be found on the current academic calendar. You will need Bursar Clearance before registering during this period if you did not previously register for a course prior to the start of the semester. There is a $35 late fee. Schedule adjustments may also be made during the Late Registration period.