Pranav Soman

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Student Profile: Zheng Xiong

Zheng Xiong was a 2022 Recipient of the All University Doctoral Prize.



BMCE/ECS/other activities you have been involved with:

During my PhD program, I had been actively involved with various academic activities in engineering college, such as ECS research day, Syracuse Stevenson Lectures, 3-min Thesis, Graduate Dean Research Day etc. These activities are fantastic opportunities to let research student like me interpreting their technical works to audiences with various background.

Favorite thing about BMCE:

BMCE is well known for its Bioinspired Institute (Formerly Syracuse Biomaterial Institute). It is a multidisciplinary hub with professors from almost all STEM majors in SU, ESF and Upstate Medical. The collaborative atmosphere and research facilities are at top-level in US.  

Favorite thing about SU:

There were so many memories at SU, where you could always feel passion when you walk over quad. You could enjoy sunshine at summer, observe beautiful foliage at Fall, shove your snow at winter and find rebirth of new year at Spring. There are always activities every week, even every day. The most unforgettable moment is Syracuse basketball team killed Duke’s at the last minute in 2017. You can’t imagine how exciting it is.

Plan after graduation:

I want to continue my expertise in optics and optical engineering to improve people live through providing innovative technologies. I have been working in Science and Technology Division of Corning Incorporated since I graduated at 2021 summer. My role is innovating advanced laser processing systems for next-generation glass application in automobile, optical fiber, display, and consumer electronics businesses.

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Professors Mary Beth Monroe and Pranav Soman Discuss the Future of Biomedical Research with WCNY’s Cycle of Health

SU Campus
The Einhorn Family Walk stretches out in front of the Hall of Languages on a autumn day.

Professor Pranav Soman and Professor Mary Beth Monroe joined WCNY’s Cycle of Health show to discuss current research at Syracuse University’s BioInspired Institute and how new materials could make a difference in the medical field.

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