Biomedical Capstone Project Aims to Improve Treatment for Burn Patients

Accurate fluid replacement is one of the most important objectives in the initial treatment of burn patients. Giving a patient the incorrect volume can lead to serious complications and delay proper treatment. Fluid management and other treatment protocols are based on calculating what percentage of the patient’s total body surface area (%TBSA) is burned. The Burn Care Anywhere app aims to help emergency responders accurately estimate the %TBSA for fast and immediate treatment.

Burn Care Anywhere was developed as a 2022-2023 biomedical engineering capstone project by Jared Anderson ’23, Sara Leonardo ’23, Katie Southard ’23, and Alyssa Pape ’23 in partnership with the Clark Burn Center at Upstate Medical University.

The biomedical engineering capstone senior design course challenges students to study a real-world issue and develop a solution from concept to prototype. The experience gives students hands-on preparation to help them be successful after graduation.