Syracuse University Research Team Receives Grant to Advance the Ethereum Blockchain Ecosystem

Yuzhe Tang

Electrical engineering and computer science Professor Yuzhe Tang and his research team received a grant from the non-profit Ethereum Foundation for research to advance the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

The grant is part of the peer to peer (P2P) network grants from the Ethereum Foundation’s recent Academic Grants Round.

A blockchain network is an open-membership peer-to-peer network that stores the information of crypto-asset ownership. Thus, the security and availability of the blockchain network are essential to maintaining asset safety. For instance, if the blockchain network is down, crypto-asset owners cannot withdraw their assets, and traders cannot trade.

Tang’s proposed research aims to secure Ethereum’s P2P network against existing and emerging attacks. Ethereum is the second largest blockchain after Bitcoin and holds assets worth more than $190 billion as of August 2022. His research will involve systematic vulnerability discovery, online attack detection, and mitigation tailored to leading Ethereum client software. Tang’s research will result in automatic software tools and retrofittable mitigation subsystems. In addition, he and his team are interested in collaborating with the Ethereum developer community to integrate the software artifacts for Ethereum clients.