Get to Know Our New Graduate and Global Career Advisor Britton Inglehart

Britton Inglehart

From teaching in South Korea to academic advising in the U.S. Army, Britton Inglehart brings diverse experiences to his new role as the College of Engineering and Computer Science’s Graduate and Global Career Advisor. In this Q&A session, Inglehart discusses his responsibilities, his vision for the future, and advice to students on how to make the most of their college experience. 

I’m from Wellesley Island, New York, which is about an hour and a half north of here and right on the Canadian border. The area is nice, but career opportunities are not unless you’re in the trades. My eyes were always on what else is out in the world. High school and college opened up my eyes to the world around me. I started learning Japanese, became an ESL tutor and this started my career. 

I went abroad to teach in South Korea and China, leaving in 2008 and returning in 2019. Then, I worked for the US Army Education Center as an academic advisor, which is how I got into higher education. I just finished my master’s at Nazareth College and came here to Syracuse to wrap it all up into one neat, nice bow. This position fits all my experience into one role.  

This is a brand-new position so I’m building it up as I go. Currently, the main focus has been helping my students build their resumes, really diving into what they need. However, I always emphasize to them that resumes are only part of what they need to be successful.   

Another big thing I’m working on with students is networking, branching out, and being open to finding roles and professionals online to connect. I’ll show them how to combine Handshake, LinkedIn, and Indeed to build up their confidence, know what they’re looking for, and go in with a broader scope.  

I’m really excited about building up a database for international students. Some international students are having a hard time finding employment. Helping them out with CPT and OPT, getting in touch with employers about visa sponsorship, and guiding students to find the right people to go to are priorities. 

My favorite part is the one-on-one with students. It’s one of the reasons I decided to get into higher education. Teaching was great, and I loved it but sometimes it’s hard to help everyone. With this role, I can see a lot more progression and growth. It’s very rewarding to see this in students. [Students repeatedly come back to my office] and this shows me that the discussions I’m having with them are beneficial.  

Don’t stress about the future right now. It’s okay to think and start planning but don’t let that prospect get in the way. In rowing, one of my favorite pastimes, you’re always looking at where you were. You don’t know what’s ahead. It’s more important to figure out what you’re doing currently and how to do that well so that the future is ready. Get your resumes ready, pass your classes, and build experience.  

I like to go to the gym, and I enjoy rowing. I’m hoping to join Cazenovia’s team so that I can utilize this area for that. I also read and write. I’m currently working on a fiction series influenced by D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Not sure if it will ever get anywhere, but it’s something I like to do.

I also play video games. I’m big into the Final Fantasy series, which I grew up with. I also like Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Legend of Zelda and Myst.