Orange Immersion: Engineering and Computer Science Students Explore California’s Silicon Valley

Twelve students from the College of Engineering and Computer Science spent their spring break in Silicon Valley meeting with Syracuse University alumni at Google, Cisco, NetApp, Langan, Genentech, Autodesk, Bayer and Lam Research. Students had the opportunity to tour facilities and learn more about career opportunities and internships.

“It’s a networking trip where you go see multiple companies every day, they are taking you on tours, they are doing panels, you are having face-to-face time with alumni and at night you have dinner with an alumni or two too,” said computer science student Ashley Hamilton ’25. “It is a way to hone your soft skills, you are going to practice networking.”

“Talking with alumni gives you some of that relatability. They have all shared their experiences. We were all students,” said bioengineering student Jason Bae ’25.

“It’s a really good talking point and you can learn more about them and they can learn more about you,” said computer science student Adya Parida ’25.

Students riding bicycles at Google

“This will show you – here is what Google is like. It is going to show you that work environment and seeing that work environment made me want to apply to some of these companies,” said computer science student Michael Lupton ’25.

Three people talking at Cisco Headquarters

“This trip has expanded my vision of where I could potentially see myself in the future,” said Parida.

Three people talking in a Cisco break room

“This is one of the peaks of my college experience so far,” said Bae. “Doing something that is really important for me and my future career but getting to do it with all these other people who I can now form connections with.”

Group of students taking a photograph