Engineering and Computer Science Students Attend the 2023 Lockheed Martin Ethics in Engineering Competition

Engineering and Computer Science students Eric Silfies ’23, Brady Arruda ’25, Oliver Raycroft ’25, Max Lipinski ’24 and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Alex Deyhim attended the Lockheed Martin Center for Leadership Excellence in Bethesda, Maryland for the LM Ethics in Engineering Competition. More than 70 universities are part of the engineering case competition that focuses on real-life dilemmas that can arise in the workplace, especially in the multifaceted and fast-paced world of technology. The competition is an annual event that compels students to think about the importance of ethics in the workplace.

“I’m very proud of the four students who represented the Syracuse University and the College of Engineering & Computer Science in the best way possible. The students showed themselves to be professional, respectful and technically competent. Further, the students commented that they learned the critical importance of not just having technical knowledge, but being able to communicate that knowledge in an effective and productive manner to arrive at ethical outcomes,” said Deyhim.

“Engineers don’t often have every piece of data when making a decision, so it important to be able to work with what you have to make the best, most ethical, decision at the end of the day,” said Arruda.

Beyond the experience of the competition itself, the students had the chance to listen to a panel featuring the Skunk Works team responsible for working on Top Gun: Maverick and tour the National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Cente. They used F-18 flight simulators and were able to see both Lockheed Martin’s SR71 Blackbird and the Space Shuttle Discovery.