Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Francielli Silva Genier Receives Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Student Research

Francielli Genier

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Ph.D. student Francielli Silva Genier received a Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in the category of Excellence in Student Research (Graduate).

The award seeks to recognize members of the University community who have made invaluable contributions through commitment to scholarship and research that fosters new understandings of the world and creative responses to its needs.

Genier’s research focuses on next-generation batteries. Renewable energy, such as wind and solar, highly demands efficient batteries that can be available when the conditions are not ideal for energy conversion. Her research with Professor Ian Hosein aims to improve batteries by substituting the solvents in traditional devices for polymer electrolytes, creating safer batteries with high energy density. They are also studying sodium-ion batteries due to sodium’s high availability compared to lithium’s and lower cost. 

“The Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering is exceptionally proud of Fran,” said Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Department Chair Julie Hasenwinkel. “She is an outstanding choice for the Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Student Research. Fran’s work on next generation battery technology is highly innovative and has the potential for broad impact in the field of renewable energy.”