Saman Priyantha Kumarawadu

Associate Teaching Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CST 3-129

Research Interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence and deep Learning
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications and security
  • Data Mining
  • AI for Sustainability

My research interests broadly lie in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine, Internet-of-Things and Data Mining. Mainly, I focus on the application of deep learning and AI algorithms in developing new methodologies for real-time decision making to solve challenging real-world problems. Building deep learning-based software to make real world impact in the areas of health, agriculture, and education is one of the primary objectives of my research. I further extend my research to explore the impact of artificial intelligence in social, economic and cultural context, and the usage of machine learning to secure IoT infrastructures in various application domains such as smart homes, smart health, and smart wearables.

Selected Publications:

  1. Fathima Amira Azeer, and Priyantha Kumarawadu, Network Intrusion Detection System using Convolution Neural Networks, (2022) Proceedings of International Conference on Intelligent Application of Recent Innovation in Science & Technology (IARIST)
  2. Chameera De Silva and Priyantha Kumarawadu, Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Classification Algorithms in the Case of Heart Failure Prediction (2022) The 18th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference
  3. Shadiya Mohammed Raly and Priyantha Kumarawadu (2022) Real-Time Burglar Recognition Based on Human Skeletal Data using OpenPose and Long-Short Term Memory Network. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 21(1), 1-5,
  4. Priyantha Kumarawadu, and Mohammed Izzath, (2022). Sinhala Sign Language Recognition using Leap Motion and Deep Learning. Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Capsule Networks, 4(1), 54-68.
  5. Avishka Jayasundara, Dimanthinie De Silva and Priyantha Kumarawadu, (2022) “Personality Prediction of Social Network Users using LSTM based Sentiment Analysis” Proceedings of 1st   IEEE International Conference on Smart Technologies and Systems for Next Generation Computing,
  6. Christina De Lile and Priyantha Kumarawadu, (2021) “A comprehensive Investigation Supporting Educational Development of Special Needs Students through Personification and Emotion AI”, Proceedings of   ACM 4th International Conference on Education Technology Management (ICETM)