Julie M. Hasenwinkel

Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence
Department Chair BMCE

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering

329 Link Hall




  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University
  • MS, Bioengineering, Clemson University
  • BSE, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

Lab/Center Affiliation(s):

  • Syracuse Biomaterials Institute

Research Interests:

  • Biomaterials for nerve regeneration
  • Microindentation and Raman spectroscopy of injured tissue and hydrogels
  • Micropatterned and molecularly oriented polymers and hydrogels
  • Two-solution bone cements
  • Injectable materials for traumatic injury
  • Best practices in Engineering Education

Current Research:

The Hasenwinkel lab is focused on translational polymeric biomaterials for applications in orthopedics and nerve regeneration. We study numerous aspects of spinal cord injury; including characterization of the glial scar using micromechanical and spectroscopic techniques, the response of neuronal cells to topographical and mechanical cues, and the development of mechanically active polymer networks to promote nerve regeneration. We are also active in the area of orthopedic biomaterials, specifically in the development of new bone cements for fixation of total joint replacements and treatment of vertebral compression fractures. We study how compositional changes in these cements affect a variety of clinically relevant cement properties and performance.

Teaching Interests:

  • Biomaterial and medical devices
  • Polymer physics


  • Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Early Career Translational Research Award, Phases I & II 2007-11
  • Judith Greenberg Seinfeld Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Syracuse University 2006-07
  • Teaching Recognition Award, Syracuse University 2004
  • James D. Watson Investigator Award, New York State Office of Science, Technology, and Academic Research (NYSTAR) 2003

Select Publications:

D.C. Rodrigues, J.L. Gilbert, and J.M. Hasenwinkel, “Two-solution bone cement containing PMMA brushes: properties and effects of brush addition on the physical and mechanical performance of the cement,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part A, Jan 2012.

T. Saxena, J.L. Gilbert, D.J. Stelzner, and J.M. Hasenwinkel, “Mechanical characterization of the injured spinal cord after lateral spinal hemisection injury in the rat,” J Neurotrauma, 29(9):1747-57, 2012.

A.Y. Au, J.M. Hasenwinkel, and C.G. Frondoza, “Hepatoprotective effects of S-Adenosylmethionine and Silybin on canine hepatocytes in vitro,” J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr, Feb 9 2012, Epub ahead of print.

A.Y. Au, J.M. Hasenwinkel, and C.G. Frondoza, “Micropatterened agarose scaffolds covalently modified with collagen for culture of normal and neoplastic hepatocytes,” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part A, 100(2):342-52, 2012

D.C. Rodrigues, R.A. Bader, J.M. Hasenwinkel, “ Grafting of nanospherical PMMA brushes on cross-linked PMMA nanospheres for addition in two-solution bone cements.” Polymer, 52(12):2505-13, 2011.