Ian M. Shapiro

Professor of Practice

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Room 404 Syracuse Center of Excellence



Lab/ Center/ Institute Affiliation:

Associate Director of Building Science and Community Programs, Syracuse University Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems

Areas of Expertise:

  • Heat pumps
  • Building science
  • Green building design and retrofits
  • Affordability in approaches to reduced carbon emissions

Primary area of expertise is heat pumps. Has designed heat pumps for production at Carrier Corporation, consulted to multiple heat pump manufacturers, authored original heat pump theory, been awarded multiple patents relating to heat pumps and air conditioning, and done research on multiple types of heat pumps (air source, water source, vertical stack, air-to-water, etc.). Other areas of work have included lighting controls, heat pump water heaters, indoor air quality, and enclosure (insulation and window) design.  Has developed a new metric to quantify building shape efficiency to minimize carbon emissions.  Has authored a novel energy code that emphasizes affordability in new building design. Founded a successful consulting engineering firm, Taitem Engineering, based in Ithaca, NY, and continues to serve as partner and board member.

Honors and Awards:

  • New York State Green Building Advocate of the Year, 2016
  • Leader of a team that won the R&D100 award in 2005 for one of the 100 most significant innovations nationally. Team participants included the National Renewable Energy Lab and NYSERDA.  For:  Residential energy analysis software. The software is still in wide use, over 20 years after its introduction.


Co-author, Ithaca Energy Code Supplement (2021). This local energy code is one of the most advanced in the nation, currently requiring 80% lower carbon emissions for the design of new buildings, progressing to 100% reduced carbon emissions (fossil-fuel-free, net-zero energy) on January 1, 2026. 

Co-author (with Francis D.K. Ching) of the textbook Green Building Illustrated (2nd edition 2020, Wiley). Translated into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean.

Author of the textbook Energy Audits and Improvements for Commercial Buildings (2016, Wiley).

Selected Publications:

“Preventing Refrigerant Leaks in Heat Pumps.”  ASHRAE Journal.  January 2020.  Co-author with Jon Harrod. 

“Ithaca’s Example: Toward Zero Carbon Buildings”, High Performing Buildings Magazine, a publication of ASHRAE. July 2019. 

“Heating Loads: Upstairs Versus Downstairs.”  Home Energy Magazine. Fall 2017. 

“Boosting Multifamily Energy Savings Through Lighting Control Settings,” Home Energy, August/September 2013. 

“Air Infiltration Measurements in Buildings Using Sound Transmission Loss Through Small Apertures,” International Journal of Green Energy, May, 2012. 

“The Receptivity of Roofs to Solar Panels,” Sciforum’s 2nd World Sustainability Forum, November, 2012.  

“HVAC Selection for Envelope Dominated Buildings,” ASHRAE Journal, October 2011. 

“Air Bypass in Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pumps,” HVAC&R Research, October 20x`11. 

“Design from the Outside In,” Journal of Green Building, Volume 5.1, Winter 2010. 

“Water and Energy Use in Steam-Heated Buildings“, ASHRAE Journal, May 2010. 

“Energy Audits in Large Commercial Office Buildings,” ASHRAE Journal, January 2009. 

“The Impact of Accessibility on Air Filter Cleanliness,” INvironment Professional, January 1999, Vol. 5, No. 1.