Fernando Zigunov

Assistant Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



  • Ph.D. Florida State University, Tallahassee, 2020
  • B.S. Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 2017

Areas of Expertise:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Machine Learning Flow Control
  • Experimental Fluid Dynamics
  • Flow Visualization and Tomography

Lab/ Center/ Institute affiliation: Skytop Turbulence Laboratory

Dr. Fernando Zigunov’s research is focused on leveraging automated experiments in fluid dynamics to deploy machine learning systems that can achieve tangible engineering goals to control various complex flow problems to develop and improve future aircraft and energy production systems. Dr. Zigunov also has extensive expertise in volumetric flow diagnostic techniques such as tomographic and scanning PIV, as well as time-resolved PSP, shadowgraph and schlieren. He is also interested in using data assimilation and modal analysis techniques to distill complex experimental data and understand its dynamical behavior. 

Honors and Awards:

  • 2018-2020: Recipient of the Don Fuqua Fellowship Award
  • 2015-2016: Exchange Scholarship under the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP)

Selected Publications:

  • Zigunov, Fernando; Serdar Seckin, Rhylan Huss, Cameron Eggart and Farrukh Alvi. A continuously scanning spatiotemporal averaging method for obtaining volumetric mean flow measurements with stereoscopic PIV. Experiments in Fluids, 64(3):56, Mar 2023 
  • Zigunov, Fernando, Prabu Sellappan, and Farrukh Alvi. Reduction of noise in cold and hot supersonic jets using active flow control guided by a genetic algorithm. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2022 
  • Zigunov, Fernando, Prabu Sellappan, Farrukh Alvi, Yuta Ozawa, Yuji Saito, Taku Nonomura, and Keisuke Asai. Time-resolved particle image velocimetry and pressure sensitive paint measurements of afterbody flow dynamics. Phys. Rev. Fluids, 7:024701, Feb 2022 
  • Zigunov, Fernando, Prabu Sellappan, and Farrukh Alvi. Reynolds number and slant angle effects on the flow over a slanted cylinder afterbody. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 893:A11, 2020