Eric M. Lui

Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence

Civil and Environmental Engineering

151C Link Hall



  • Ph.D., Purdue University, IN.
  • M.S.C.E., Purdue University, IN.
  • B.S.C.E. (High Honors), University of Wisconsin at Madison, WI.

Research Interests:

  • Steel structures, structural stability
  • Structural dynamics, earthquake engineering
  • Numerical modeling
  • Damage identification and quantification
  • Computer-aided analysis and design of structures

Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Lui’s current research is in the areas of nonlinear behavior and limit states design of steel structures, seismic analysis and performance-based design of structures, effect of nonlinear damping on structures, application of shape memory alloys in earthquake resistant design, passive magnetic negative stiffness dampers, energy dissipative segmented steel plate shear wall, seismic assessment using the endurance time method, damage identification and quantification using system dynamic properties.

Dr. Lui has authored/coauthored numerous journal papers, conference proceedings, special publications and research reports in these areas. He is also a contributing author to a number of engineering monographs and technical handbooks. In addition, he is the author/co-editor of the 2nd edition CRC Handbook of Structural Engineering, and is the co-author/co-editor of four books on the subject of steel design, structural stability, and earthquake engineering. He currently serves as editor-in-chief of two journals and serves on the editorial boards of several other scientific and engineering journals.


  • Bleyer Scholarship, University of Wisconsin (1979)
  • Bates and Rogers Foundation Scholarship, University of Wisconsin (1980)
  • David Ross Fellowship, Purdue University (1982, 1983)
  • Nellie Munsion Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Purdue University (1982)
  • Coauthor of the AISC Higgins Award Paper (1985)
  • Crouse Hinds Award for Excellence in Education, Syracuse University (1997)
  • Nominated for the Munro Prize for Best Paper (2000)
  • ASCE Committee on Student Services Certificate for Exemplary Services (2000)
  • ASCE Faculty Adviser Reward Recipient (2000, 2001, 2002)
  • Letter of Honorable Mention, SU ASCE Student Chapter, Faculty Advisor (2000, 2001)
  • Certificate of Commendation, SU ASCE Student Chapter, Faculty Advisor (1999, 2003, 2005, 2006)
  • Technology Alliance of Central New York (TACNY) College Educator of the Year Award (2007)
  • Named one of two Recipients of the ECS Faculty Excellence Award (2009)
  • Member of Honor Society Tau Beta Pi
  • Member of Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi
  • Member of Honor Society Sigma Xi
  • Member of Honor Society Chi Epsilon

Selected Publications:

Majd, N.S. and Lui, E.M. “Analysis and design of a novel segmented energy absorbing steel plate shear wall system,” Advances in Structural Engineering, 2024, 27(1), 85-104. (DOI:

Mamaghani, M., and Lui, E.M. “Use of continuous wavelet transform to generate endurance time excitation functions for nonlinear seismic analysis of structures.” CivilEng, 2023, 4(3), 753-781. (DOI:

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