Ehat Ercanli

Associate Teaching Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

4-206LB CST



  • Ph.D. Computer Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Embedded System Design
  • System Verification
  • VLSI Design Automation

Current Research:

Design automation of embedded processors with extension of super-scalar architectures to exploit inherent thread-level parallelism and instruction-level parallelism at run time within a single chip. Hardware-software interactions in such systems and their applicability to shared-memory systems, and their performance and functional verification.

Courses taught:

  • ECS 101 Introduction to Engineering and Computer Science
  • CSE 262 Digital System Design and Simulation with VHDL
  • CSE 561 Digital Machine Design
  • CSE 671 Embedded System Design
  • CSE 661 Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CSE 765 VLSI Testing and Verification

Selected Publications:

Improving Memory Space Utilization in Multi-core Embedded Systems using Task Recomputation. Koc H, Tosun S, Kandemir M, and Ercanli E, International Journal of Computer Science and Network, Volume 1, Issue 5, pp. 27-34, Oct 2012.

Exploiting Large On-Chip Memory Space Through Data Recomputation, Koc H, Kandemir M, Ercanli E. In Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International SoC Conference (SOCC 2010), pp. 513-518, Las Vegas, NV, Sept 2010.

An ILP Formulation for Recomputation Based SPM Management for Embedded CMPs. Koc H, Ercanli E, Kandemir M, Ozturk O; In Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Optimizations for DSP and Embedded Systems (ODES’07). San Jose, CA. Mar 2007.

Reducing Off-Chip Memory Access Costs Using Data Recomputation in Embedded Chip Multi-processors. Koc H, Kandemir M, Ercanli E, Ozturk O; In Proceedings of the 44th Design Automation Conference (DAC’07). San Diego, CA. June 2007. (Ranked #3 in Most Popular Papers Category from ACM Digital Library’s Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings Downloaded in September 2007).

Compiler-Directed Temporary Array Elimination. Koc H, Ercanli E, Kandemir M, Son SW. The 4th Workshop on Optimizations for DSP and Embedded Systems. NY. Feb 2006.
Minimizing Energy Consumption of Banked Memories Using Data Recomputation. Koc H, Ozturk O, Kandemir M, Narayanan S, Ercanli E. In Proceedings of Intl Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED’06). Tegernsee, Germany. Oct 2006.

Automated Code Generation For Database Applications. Ercanli E, Ozgencil N, Kahraman MG. The 14th Intl Conference on Intelligent and Adaptive Systems and Software Engineering (ISCA’05). Toronto, Canada, June 2005.