Aaron Mohammed

Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Heroy 218


Areas of Expertise:

Cold regions hydrology and hydrogeology

Permafrost thaw

Numerical modeling of hydrological processes

Coastal hydrogeology

Aaron Mohammed is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research focuses on the hydrology and hydrogeology of environments undergoing rapid changes due to climate warming and increased development. He is interested in the movement of water, energy, and chemicals through landscapes, and their interacting effects on hydrologic processes such as permafrost thaw, groundwater recharge, seawater intrusion, and contaminant transport. His research aims to improve our understanding of, and ability to predict, hydrological processes in a changing climate, and develop management strategies to enhance the resiliency of water and ecosystem resources.

Selected Publications:

Mohammed, A.A., Kurylyk, B.L., Cey, E.E., & Hayashi, M. (2018). Snowmelt infiltration and macropore flow in frozen soils: Overview, knowledge gaps, and a conceptual framework. Vadose Zone Journal, 17(1), 1-15.

Mohammed, A.A., Pavlovskii, I., Cey, E.E., & Hayashi, M. (2019). Effects of preferential flow on snowmelt partitioning and groundwater recharge in frozen soils. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 23(12), 5017-5031.

Mohammed, A.A., Bense, V.F., Kurylyk, B.L., Jamieson, R.C., Johnston, L.H., & Jackson, A.J. (2021). Modeling reactive solute transport in permafrost‐affected groundwater systems. Water Resources Research, 57(7), e2020WR028771.

Guimond, J.A., Mohammed, AA., Walvoord, M.A., Bense, V.F., & Kurylyk, B.L. (2021). Saltwater intrusion intensifies coastal permafrost thaw. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(19), e2021GL094776.

KarisAllen, J.J., Mohammed, A.A., Tamborski, J.J., Jamieson, R.C., Danielescu, S., & Kurylyk, B.L. (2022). Present and future thermal regimes of intertidal groundwater springs in a threatened coastal ecosystem. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 26(18), 4721-4740.

Mohammed, A. A., Guimond, J. A., Bense, V. F., Jamieson, R. C., McKenzie, J. M., & Kurylyk, B. L. (2022). Mobilization of subsurface carbon pools driven by permafrost thaw and reactivation of groundwater flow: a virtual experiment. Environmental Research Letters, 17(12), 124036.