Annual Giving

Gifts to the Dean’s Fund or the Department Discretionary Funds are one of the most powerful ways to support our engineering and computer science students and faculty. These funds enable our dean and department chairs to seize opportunities to enrich the college and our students’ educational experience every academic year.

Classroom and lab upgrades to support innovations in education and research, national and international internships, programs to support faculty excellence and challenging undergraduate research programs are just a few of the ways your gifts advance the college’s impact and ensure the value of a Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science degree for alumni and future graduates alike.

Transforming Our Future

Ambassador Scholars Program

The college seeks to enroll and retain a diverse and dynamic undergraduate population. This program supports deserving students from historically underrepresented groups in engineering and computer science with tutoring, career mentoring, stipends, membership to professional societies, summer internships and opportunities for K-12 outreach in Syracuse city schools.

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Leadership Scholars Program

The college seeks to enroll a high-achieving, driven, and dynamic students for our undergraduate programs. A scholars program that incentivizes top-tier undergraduates to choose our college above other institutions is crucial for elevating our academic reputation. The Engineering and Computer Science Leadership Scholars program will provide significant resources to entice and support.

For information on how to support our Leadership Scholars Program, please contact Amy Gullotta at

Endowed Graduate Student Fellowship Support

To elevate our research impact, the college must recruit, attract and retain graduate students, regardless of financial limitations. Graduate fellowships support the next generation of innovators, scholars, and teachers whose ideas can change the world.

For more information on endowing a graduate fellowship, please contact Amy Gullotta at

Invent@SU Invention Accelerators

A collaboration among the College of Engineering and Computer Science and VPA’s School of Design, this intensive six-week summer experience immerses teams of undergraduate students in an iterative process of “design, prototype and pitch” to develop students’ abilities to innovate and communicate.

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Endowed Faculty Support

An endowed faculty position is one of the most sought after University distinctions for any faculty member. A chair or professorship can enable the college to attract and retain exceptional faculty dedicated to research and excellence in teaching.

For more information on endowing a faculty position, please contact Amy Gullotta at

Bill & Penny Allyn Innovation Center

This project will showcase the social relevance and collaborative nature of engineering and computer science in the modern world, crucial for broadening participation. The spacious and modern facility will enable the critical expansion of our student support and career services, as well as provide new student collaboration spaces.

Make a gift to fund the Bill & Penny Allyn Innovation Center

Special Initiatives

The College of Engineering has established a variety of funds to enable our donors to direct their financial support to specific initiatives and scholarship funds of greatest personal interest. For more information and other giving options, please contact Amy Gullotta at

Undergraduate Research Fund

Our students want to learn—more. Real-world research experience gives them a chance to excel. Your support will give more students a chance to assist our world-class faculty in tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges from healthcare and cybersecurity, to renewable energy and environment sustainability.

Give to the Undergraduate Research Fund

Collaborative Classrooms and Technology Fund

Collaborative problem-solving is central to next generation engineering education. Your support will help us to build the first of several new collaborative learning facilities—and to equip them with the state-of-the-art instructional technologies and flexibility necessary to facilitate rigorous team-based projects and instruction.

Give to the Collaborative Classrooms and Technologies Fund

Samuel P. Clemence Scholarship Fund

Through his teaching and by his example, Professor Emeritus Sam Clemence spent four decades inspiring students to excel in engineering and in life. The Samuel P. Clemence Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to worthy civil engineering students—while honoring a man who has served as a teacher, a mentor, a role model, a colleague and a friend to so many. With your help, the Sam Clemence Scholarship Fund will help even more students in the decades to come.

Give to the Clemence Scholarship Fund 

Bradley J. and Nancy B. Strait Scholarship Fund

Professor and Dean Emeritus Brad Strait ’58, G’60, G’65 has left a legacy in the hearts and minds of his students, faculty and staff. This scholarship fund, established through a generous gift by Brad Strait and his late wife, Nancy, provides scholarship assistance to worthy students enrolled in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Give to the Strait Scholarship Fund

Pramod K. and Anju Varshney Endowed Graduate Scholarship Fund

Pramod and Anju Varshney have been members of the Syracuse University community ever since Pramod joined the college as an assistant professor in the seventies. Their devotion to students in the classroom, and in life, has produced a worldwide community of alumni with a strong affinity for their alma mater. This scholarship provides financial assistance to graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Give to the Varshney Endowed Graduate Scholarship Fund

Planned Giving

Gift planning is a tremendous opportunity to support the success of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at a level you never thought possible—and at the same time, provide a financially secure future for you and your family.

Do you want to make a significant gift during your lifetime, or would you prefer to defer your giving through a bequest? Do you have a particular asset you’re thinking of donating? Do you want to increase your retirement income? Or is your primary goal estate preservation? Are you carrying excess life insurance or a large balance in your retirement plan? We’re happy to work with you and your financial advisors to create a gift plan that will best meet your needs and achieve your philanthropic goals.

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