Winners Announced for the Spring 2024 Engineering and Computer Science Research Day

Master’s and doctoral students from across the College of Engineering and Computer Science presented their research on Friday, March 22th at the 2024 ECS Research Day, which was held at the National Veterans Resource Center. From fundamental studies to prototype development, a total of 113 posters and 20 oral presentations highlighted the broad research activities across the college.

A keynote address, “The Crucial Role of Strategic Decision-Making in Career Progression: A Personal Journey” was delivered by Melur K. “Ram” Ramasubramanian, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost at the State University of New York (SUNY) and the President of the SUNY Research Foundation. As an alum with PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from SU, Ramasubramanian shared his experience and insightful career advice with the attendees.

“ECS research Day is a signature event that we organize ever year to celebrate graduate research in our college. This year is particularly exciting with a new record of participation and high-quality research presented. It showcases the strong scholarly work in many areas.” said Dacheng Ren, Associate Dean for Research.


Communications and Security

First Place: Feng Wang. Maximum Knowledge Orthogonality Reconstruction with Gradients in Federated Learning. Advisor: Dr. M. Cenk Gursoy

Second Place: Nandan Sriranga. Detection of temporally correlated signals in distributed sensor networks. Advisor: Dr. Pramod Varshney

Energy, Environment and Smart Materials

First Place: Johnson Agyapong. The Formation of Deterministic Wrinkle Morphologies via 4D Printing of Shape Memory Polymer Substrates. Advisor: Dr. James Henderson

Second Place: Ashok Thapa. Passive Oscillating Heat Pipes for High-Heat Dissipation. Advisor: Dr. Shalabh Maroo

Health and Well-Being

First Place: Yikang Xu. A New Anti-Fouling Indwelling Urinary Catheter with Embedded Active Topography. Advisor: Dr. Dacheng Ren

Second Place: Natalie Petryk. Hydrolytic and oxidative degradation of polyurethane foams for traumatic wound healing. Advisor: Dr. Mary Beth Monroe

Sensors, Robotics and Smart Systems

First Place: Yasser Alqaham. Energetic Analysis on All Possible Bounding Gaits of Quadrupedal. Advisor: Dr Zhenyu Gan

Second Place: Zachary Geffert. Multipath projection stereolithography (MPS) for rapid 3D printing of multiscale devices. Advisor: Dr. Pranav Soman


First Place: Omkar Desai. A caching system for concurrent DNN model training. Advisor: Dr. Bryan Kim

Second Place (tied): Zifan Wang. Catch You if Pay Attention: Temporal Sensor Attack Diagnosis Using Attention Mechanisms for Cyber-Physical Systems. Advisor: Dr. Qinru Qiu

Second Place (tied): Shreyas Aralumallige. Chandregowda. Exploring the Role of Bio-Flocculant Interactions with Clay Minerals in Addressing Mining Industry Challenges. Advisor: Dr. Shobha K Bhatia

Third Place (tied): Matthew Qualters. Experimental Flow Control Techniques on a Supersonic Multi-Stream Rectangular Jet Flow. Advisor: Dr. Fernando Zigunov

Third Place (tied): Pardha Nayani. Unleashing Bandwidth: Passive Highly Dispersive Matching Network. Advisor: Dr. Younes Ra’di

Honorable Mention:  Ziyang Jiao. The Design and Implementation of a Capacity-Variant Storage System. Advisor: Dr. Bryan Kim

Honorable Mention:  Ratnakshi Mandal. The dance of DNA and histone proteins: molecular insights into chromosome formation. Advisor: Dr. Shikha Nangia


Oral Presentation Co-Chairs

Dr. Kris Micinski (EECS)

Dr. Venkata Gandikota (EECS)

Dr. Aoyi Luo (MAE)

Dr. Liz Carter (CEE)

Dr. Era Jain (BMCE)

Dr. Asif Salekin (EECS)

Dr. Garrett Katz (EECS)

Dr. Zhenyu Gan (MAE)

Poster Session Judges

Dr. Younes Radi (EECS)

Dr. Theodore Walker (BMCE)

Dr. Ozioma Nwabor (BMCE)

Dr. Mustafa C Gursoy (EECS)

Dr. Yaoying Wu (BMCE)

Dr. Ghulam Qasim (CEE)

Dr. Bryan Kim (EECS)

Dr. James H Henderson (BMCE)

Dr. Aswini Pattanayak (EECS)

Dr. Prasanta K Ghosh (EECS)

Dr. Ian Dean Hosein (BMCE)

Dr. Lu Li (MAE)

Dr. Qinru Qiu (EECS)

Dr. Radhakrishna Sureshkumar (BMCE)

Dr. Shikha Nangia (BMCE)

Dr. Pankaj K Jha (EECS)

Dr. Zigunov Fernando (MAE)

Dr. Amit K Sanyal (MAE)

Dr. Biao Chen (EECS)

Dr. Wanliang Shan (MAE)

Dr. Bing Dong (MAE)

Dr. Eric Finkelstein (BMCE)

Dr. Yiyang Sun (MAE)

Dr. Quinn Qiao (MAE)

Dr. Benjamin Akih Kumgeh (MAE)

Dr. Yuzhe Tang (EECS)

Dr. Min Liu (CEE)

Dr. Shalabh Chandra Maroo (MAE)

Dr. Wenhan Zhao (BMCE)

Dr. Farzana Rahman (EECS)

Dr. Mary Beth Monroe (BMCE)

Dr. Sweta Roy (BMCE)

Dr. Ruth Chen (BMCE)

Dr. Sucheta Soundarajan (EECS)

Dr. Chilukuri K Mohan (EECS)

Dr. Ashok Shantilal Sangani (BMCE)

Dr. Joao Paulo Oliveira Marum (EECS)

Poster Session Co-Chairs

Dr. Sucheta Soundarajan (EECS)

Dr. Min Liu (CEE)

ECS Research Day Organizing Team

Dr.Dacheng Ren (ECS)

Yoanna Ferrara (ECS)

Sahar Almahmoud (ECS)

Heather Flaherty (ECS)

Gianna Mangicaro (LEMP)

Lishel Aquinas (ECS)

Kimberly S Lantry (IVMF)

Robb Sharpe (LEMP)

Andrew Wowelko(LEMP)

Steven LoBello (ITS)

Brien R Puff (LEMP)

James C Sheedy (ECS)