New Look for the Junior Electrical Engineering Lab

The junior electrical engineering lab is the latest among several renovations taking place in the Center for Science and Technology and the lab’s layout has significantly improved teaching and interactions within the educational space.  

“It was a bit of a change when I first came back. They’ve transformed a pretty clunky environment into a usable space,” teaching assistant Kyle Maiorana said. “They also centralized a lot of the components and resources like lab instruments so you’re not running all over the lab to use them.”  

The lab was originally a long, narrow room, making it difficult to navigate and teach, but the newly renovated lab is more open, allowing for better mobility.  

“Before, we had half the students in one room, and half the students in another room. We were separated and I had to go back and forth. Now we’re all in the same room – it’s much nicer,” said Duane Marcy, associate teaching professor of electrical engineering and computer science. “It was really hard to teach in that space. Stand on one end of the room and students toward the back would have difficulty paying attention.”  

Professor Duane Marcy works with a student

According to Marcy, these renovations have been in the works for some time and he’s glad that they’ve finally been completed.  

“We actually proposed the renovations about 10 years ago. We’ve had different drawings and architects look at it. When Bruce Molino came to the college, he took the lead on this project and made it possible. The renovations have made a huge difference by encouraging active, exploratory learning which is crucial in lab environments.” 

“It invites a lot more collaboration,” Maiorana added. “With the amount of time I spent in the lab for the past couple of years, I’m a little bummed I graduated before I could use it. The renovations always happen right after you leave. It’s definitely a gift for the incoming students though. They have a lot of great space to use for their future projects.”