Studying Abroad at the Crossroads of Europe

The Syracuse University center in Strasbourg, France offers an incredible study abroad experience for Engineering and Computer Science students. Located in eastern France on the border of Germany, Strasbourg is centrally located with easy access to Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.

“The study abroad program is part of why I choose Syracuse in the first place,” says Emma Crandall ’25. “Strasbourg was one of the places they made it really easy for me as an engineering major.”

“I love the city. One of my favorite things is how easy it is to get around,” says Declan Wavle ’25. “It’s really an amalgamation of all different cultures coming together.”

Specially designed programs for second year students allow them to take required courses they need and remain on track for graduation.

“Syracuse does a very good job of making sure we stay on track as engineers even when we are studying abroad,” says Arturo Venegas ’25. “I am taking almost all my courses I need to take for this sophomore year. Which is amazing since that means there is no disruption to my four-year plan”

“That’s one of the best things about this program. You don’t have to sacrifice anything as an engineer,” says Tyler Lavaway ’25.

electrical engineering lab in Strasbourg
An electrical engineering lab at INSA in Strasbourg, France

Syracuse University students get to take some of their classes at France’s National Institute of Applied Science. All classes are taught in English.

“You don’t have to speak French to study in Strasbourg, there is no language requirement but I always say you have to want to learn,” says assistant director Mary Boyington. “You can have a wonderful opportunity, take French classes, live with a host family and learn the French language in an everyday environment.”

“It is really cool how you get to see you major done a different way and it is eye opening,” says Wavle. “You know there is a whole other world out there but you don’t experience it until you are actually there.”

A restaurant in the Petite France area of Strasbourg, France
A restaurant in the Petite France area of Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg, France