Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center Receives Multi-Million Dollar Environmental Protection Agency Grant to Support Underserved Communities

Drone shots of campus during the summer.
Drone shots of campus during the summer.

The Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center (SU-EFC) was selected by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to serve as a regional Environmental Finance Center (EFC) to help communities access federal infrastructure funds, and continue supporting environmental and financial challenges in the communities that need it most. SU-EFC will continue serving EPA Region 2, which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and eight Native Nations, and is one of 29 Environmental Finance Centers awarded to support states, local governments, and Native Nations as they work to protect the environment and public health over the next five years.

“Our team is honored to continue working with the EPA in providing a range of services, products, and local community engagement that have proven highly successful in helping communities improve their environmental quality, integrate sustainability concepts in decision making, and cultivate collaborative networks and relationships with other federal, state, and local agencies and private sector partners,” says Melissa Young, director, Resource Conservation Initiatives.

“The unprecedented nature of the funding SU-EFC has received from the EPA to provide technical assistance to underserved communities demonstrates a real commitment to ensuring safe, affordable, and reliable water for every household in the country,” says Khristopher Dodson, director, Water Resiliency Initiatives. “SU-EFC is proud to be part of the national network of EFCs who will be providing these services, in some cases as teams, across the country.”

SU-EFC will be awarded $1,084,000 for the first year, and then at least $950K annually over the remaining four years. The Center will serve as both a Regional Multi-Environmental Media EFC and a Regional Water Infrastructure EFC to provide no-cost technical assistance to local municipalities, states, and Native Nations to build capacity and support equitable infrastructure investments. As a Regional Water Infrastructure EFC, SU-EFC will also work with communities to improve accessibility to Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funds in order to support clean and safe water access across EPA Region 2.

Community leaders who are looking for ways to access federal funds authorized by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are encouraged to contact SU-EFC staff or visit their website for more information on free upcoming events.