New Master’s Degree Program in System Analytics and Operations Research

The College of Engineering and Computer Science has added a new Master of Science program in Operations Research and System Analytics. The program uniquely combines mathematical modeling, computer programming, data science and business analytics to solve significant problems in a variety of domains.

“We train students to be professionals in the field of operations research and system analytics and this is a program in which students look at systems, optimize them and make sure systems work as efficiently as possible,” says electrical engineering and computer science Professor Natarajan Gautam. “Students will also get a chance to work on real world problems.”

Gautam says graduates will have skills that are in high demand by technology companies. He describes it as an applied operations research program with computer science and artificial intelligence elements.

“This program is housed in the department of electrical engineering and computer science but the courses go across Syracuse University. There are courses in mechanical engineering, civil engineering and in the other programs on our campus,” says Gautam. “This is a wonderful place if you are excited about doing operations research and want to tie it to management and information technology.”

The new program is designed for students who have an undergraduate degree in any STEM field. A variety of electives are offered that will allow students to tailor the program to their interests.

“You are not going to be seeing anything you saw as part of an undergraduate program during this master’s degree and it will take you to the next level. It will make students valuable in the workforce.”

If you are interested in applying, connect with the graduate applications team in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.