Julie Hasenwinkel Reappointed to Five Year Term as Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Department Chair

Julie Hasenwinkel

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering (BMCE) Department Chair Julie Hasenwinkel has been reappointed for a five year term through summer 2029. She has served as BMCE Department Chair since 2019 and has led continued growth within the department while emphasizing scholarship, research and innovation.

Hasenwinkel has been a BMCE faculty member since 1999 and was a founding member of the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute, where her research group has studied spinal cord injury using Raman spectroscopy and microindentation, and has developed polymeric biomaterials for nerve regeneration applications. Her group has also developed bone cements for fixation of total joint replacements and treatment of vertebral compression fractures. She holds five US patents.

Prior to becoming the BMCE department chair, Hasenwinkel was the College’s senior associate dean and previously the associate dean of student and academic affairs. She has led efforts to increase retention, graduation, and placement rates; and enhance undergraduate education through faculty development, the renovation of four state-of-the-art collaborative classrooms, and the development of several cohort-based scholars programs. She has also served on the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure, chaired the Academic Affairs Committee and the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee of the University Senate, and is the recipient of multiple honors, including the University’s Seinfeld Scholar Award and Teaching Recognition Award. In 2022 she was named as a Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence and participated in the ACC Academic Leaders Network.

“I sincerely appreciate the opportunity and privilege to lead this exceptional department and work daily with talented and supportive faculty, staff, and students,” said Hasenwinkel “The collaborative and collegial environment in BMCE is truly special and I am excited to continue to work towards enhancing and sustaining what we have built collectively, as we also help to lead the transformation of ECS.”

“Dr. Hasenwinkel’s leadership has been essential to the growth of BMCE and our College. Her work has long been impactful in student success for our College, especially over the past decade as she spearheaded our efforts to create and implement our three-tiered advising model,” said Dean J. Cole Smith. “Her research vision contributed to a slate of exceptional hires in BMCE during her first term, and has helped make her department an exceptionally welcoming and intellectually rich place to thrive. I am grateful for everything she does for ECS and for Syracuse University.”

Hasenwinkel earned her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University, her master’s degree in bioengineering from Clemson University, and her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Duke University.