Engineering and Computer Science Staff Spotlight – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Get to know the incredible staff who keep electrical engineering and computer science running smoothly!

Shawn Knight

Name: Shawn Knight

Title: Assistant to the Department Chair

Tell us about your role at ECS:

I am the administrative assistant to the department chair and assist the director of academic operations with the daily administrative operations of the department and I also serve as the departmental search administrator for hiring faculty and staff.

What is your favorite part of working here at ECS?

Learning something new every day!

Rebecca Noble

Name: Rebecca Noble  

Title: Office Coordinator III 

Tell us about your role at ECS:

I started as a member of the EECS team in August 2011, working for ISR at 621 Skytop in conjunction with BMCE. In 2013, I moved into my current position where I mainly handle scheduling and enrollment issues for the EECS department which covers CSE, ELE, CIS, and Cyber programs as well as CPS classes for non-engineering majors.   

What is your favorite part of working here at ECS? 

My favorite part of working at SU is when we work convocation in May.  It is a real joy to see the students I’ve worked with through the years taking the next steps on their journey. A close second is walking through the Thornden Park Rose Garden (with tea in hand) in June. 

Sarah Collins

Name: Sarah Collins

Title: Director, Academic Operations

Tell us about your role at ECS:

Work with Chair and Program Directors to review, assess, design and implement administration policies and procedures. Assist Chair, Program Directors, faculty, staff and students with various needs and requests.

What is your favorite part of working here at ECS?

Being in a new role (since June) I have enjoyed the challenges that come with learning a new role and working with new people. I have learned a lot and continue to come across new things that I haven’t necessarily been involved with previously supporting my professional and personal growth.

Cynthia M. Bromka-Skafidas

Name: Cynthia Bromka-Skafidas

Title: Administrative Assistant II

Tell us about your role at ECS:

I work with our budget manager, Linda Lowe, in ordering supplies and other special orders, and make sure our Graduate Assistants, Fellows and hourly workers get paid in a timely manner.  I also assist with academic matters related to our graduate students.  I have been with EECS over 30 years.

What is your favorite part of working here at ECS?

Watching students present their projects at the end of the year and seeing their achievements.