Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Qinru Qiu Recognized as IEEE Fellow

Qinru Qiu

Electrical engineering and computer science professor, Qinru Qiu, has been recognized as a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for her impactful contributions to the modeling and optimization of energy-efficient computing systems.  

IEEE is a global organization that is committed to advancing technology for the betterment of humanity. With over 409,000 members in more than 160 countries, less than 0.1% of voting members are chosen for elevation to this member grade each year.  

Qiu’s research interest focuses on improving the energy efficiency of computing, from runtime power and thermal management of computer systems, and energy harvesting real-time embedded systems, to her recent works in brain-inspired hardware and software for neuromorphic computing.  The goal of her research is to provide machine intelligence to today’s computing platforms to achieve autonomous resource management with energy and thermal awareness and explore emerging computing paradigms.  

“Professor Qiu has been leading the research community to seek solutions for highly energy-efficient machine intelligence through adopting biologically inspired models and processing mechanisms,” says nominator Diana Marculescu. “Her ground-breaking research has enabled a completely new computing paradigm, which leverages the unique property of different types of spike coding to replace the numerical calculation with simple logic operations, resulting in significant energy reduction.” 

“I am excited and thankful for the recognition and truly grateful for all the support that I have received,” says Qiu. “I look forward to continuing my work in developing and promoting techniques to improve the energy efficiency of emerging computing systems.”