Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering 2021 Senior Design Capstone Presentations

Electrical engineering and computer engineering seniors worked together as teams on their senior capstone design projects. Each team built a working physical prototype and demonstrated their design, key components and technology to their classmates and faculty. Since teams were not allowed to present their designs to the public due to COVID-19 precautions, here are videos of the 2021 team presentations.

Train Driven Wind Turbine (Emerson Iannone, Miguel Gomez, Nick Fazzone, Ketan Dubey)

Smart Cup Holder (Brendan Ciarlone, Alex Cramer, Nick Mohan, Ian Dickerson)

Ride Along Autonomous Vehicle (Trevonne Davis, Han Gyul Kwon, Mrinal Mathur, Matthew Storozum)

Smart Home (Chongfang Xu, Shu Wang, Yifei Che, Guoliang Chen)

Etch-A-Sketch Control (Vincent Camarena, Andrew Kelsey, John Garcia)

Solar Tracking Panel (Isaiah Plummer, Daniah Alzubaidi, Roberto Salazar, Ryan Kane)

Fall Detection Alert (Dana Marie Castillo Chea, Matthew Gelinas, Kylie Nikolaus, Malkiel Asher)

Homebrew Radar (Jinzhi Cai, Eli Clark, Jack Guida, Erik Olsen)

Programmable Delivery Bot (Justin Geary, Stephen Rogers, Nicholas Landry, Ritwik Takkar)

Automatic Pet Feeder (Xionfeng Zhu, Shengran Cheng, Yuang Cao, Antian Liu)