Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Student Spotlight: Lindy Melegari ’22

Biomedical Engineering student Lindy Melegari ’22 was named as a Syracuse University Scholar and received the Karen Hiiemae Outstanding Achievement Award.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

BMCE/ECS/other activities you have been involved with:
Doyle Research Lab

Manlius Fire Department EMT

Server at Texas Roadhouse

Crisis Textline Volunteer

First Year Players

The Mandarins

Phi Delta Epsilon


Favorite thing about BMCE:

The staff has been one of the most incredible things about the BMCE department. I always felt so comfortable going to any of my professors for help, and they were always my biggest supporters if any of my endeavors.

Favorite thing about SU:

I have had the opportunity to take a multitude of diverse and interesting classes that I never in a million year would have thought I could have connected to my career. SU has enabled me to look at my professional endeavors with an open mind.

Plan after graduation:

I will be doing research in the Yale University School of Medicine in their Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging.