Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Student Spotlight: Grace Haas ’23

Grace Haas ’23

Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Activities you have been involved with:

Dr. Monroe’s Biomaterials Lab, Outing Club, Syracuse Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Engagement (3-time grant recipient), Engineering Ambassadors, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Engineering Excelerators, Engineering World Health, Independent Design Project

Favorite thing about Biomedical and Chemical Engineering:

I love how interdisciplinary the program is! I get to learn about topics ranging from electrical engineering to anatomy.  Since I came in with lots of AP credits, I was able to add on an extra major in Neuroscience and take some coding and 3D design classes too.

Favorite thing about Syracuse University:

My favorite thing about SU is the Outing Club and the Barnes’ climbing wall and outdoor adventure trips.  I love going outside, and SU has provided me with opportunities to go outside and expand my knowledge in outdoors’ safety, equipment, and activities.