Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Student Spotlight: Anna-Blessing Merife

Anna-Blessing Merife


Alexandria, VA

Activities you have been involved with:

Other than research and class work. During my spare time, I continue working on one of my oil paintings. I intend to have a collection of art pieces by the time I graduate [insta: @abitsketch]. I also enjoy visiting family and friends, watching movies, practicing the violin, and spending quality time outside.  

Favorite thing about Biomedical and Chemical Engineering:

My favorite aspect of BMCE is the people that go/work here and their diverse backgrounds. On top of that, everyone is very kind, approachable, and willing to help if asked.

Favorite thing about Syracuse University:

My favorite thing about SU is the view and architecture. I admire the landscape and how beautiful and lively the campus can be on sunny warm days.

Plan after graduation:

I realized I am more comfortable in leadership and management roles because these positions better showcase my potential and skills. So, I am aiming for an industry career in engineering management, followed by obtaining my professional engineer license and possibly pursuing a minor academic position in the future.