Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Professor Shikha Nangia Selected as Associate Editor for the ACS Applied Bio Materials Journal

Biomedical and chemical engineering Professor Shikha Nangia was selected as the associate editor for the ACS Applied Bio Materials journal.

ACS Applied Bio Materials is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research covering all aspects of biomaterials and biointerfaces including and beyond the traditional biosensing, biomedical and therapeutic applications.

“It is my immense pleasure to join the editorial board of ACS Applied Bio Materials,” said Nangia. “I wish to use this opportunity to contribute to the scientific community and boost Syracuse University’s research in biomaterials.”

Nangia is an accomplished researcher who most recently has been studying the blood-brain barrier which blocks toxins, as well as crucial medications, from entering the brain. Her research group, which includes undergraduate and graduate students alike, uses computer modeling to identify ways to open and close the blood-brain barrier to deliver medical treatment to the brain non-invasively.