Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Profile: Bowei Liu

Bowei Liu

Biomedical and chemical engineering graduate student Bowei Liu was a 2021 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award recipient.

These awards are reserved for teaching assistants in good academic standing who have made truly distinguished contributions to teaching at Syracuse University

Hometown: Bengbu, China

BMCE/ECS/other activities you have been involved with: research in Jesse Bond’s group, AICHE conference oral presentation.

Favorite thing about BMCE: Students, TAs, and professors get to know each other and have close relationships. You can ask for help from any facilities and staff, they are always willing to do the best for you. The collaboration will always be available between research groups if another has the resources you need.

Favorite thing about SU: The campus is at its optimized size: big enough to have a wide range of diversities and small enough to have a strong sense of community.

Plan after graduation: find a post-doctoral position and continue to be involved in scientific research.