Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Faculty Profile: Mary Beth Monroe

Name: Mary Beth Monroe

Title: Assistant Professor

Research Topics:

  • Shape memory polymer foam hemostats for hemorrhage control in gunshot wounds
  • Antimicrobial shape memory polymer hydrogels for Crohn’s fistula treatment
  • Shape memory polymer hydrogel chronic wound dressings

Why did you chose to be part of the Orange Family?

I was drawn to BMCE at SU in large part because of the people. My colleagues are easy to talk with, fun, and supportive of me as a researcher, teacher, and human. The faculty in BMCE are well-balanced; they do great research and teaching while maintaining interesting hobbies and spending time with their families.

I also love the lab space within the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute. It is the perfect place to carry out my research on shape memory polymer-based biomaterials.

Finally, Syracuse is such a great place to live. As a native Texan, I think that the snow is beautiful, and winter activities are really fun. I also enjoy having distinct seasons. There are so many amazing parks, waterfalls, and activities in the area that allow us to explore outside year-round.

What is you advice for incoming freshman?

Get to know your professors! As I mentioned above, the BMCE faculty are interesting and fun, and we are all here because we love students. Show up to office hours, get involved in student organizations, and do undergraduate research (it’s never too early to join a research lab!) so that you can get to know us. It will make you more successful in college and as you choose a long-term career.