2023 Engineering and Computer Science Research Day Award Winners Announced

2023 Research Day Poster Session

2023 ECS Research Day Awards

Oral Presentations

Communications and Security

First Place: Carlos Espinoza Zelaya. Enhancing the operational resilience of Cyber-manufacturing Systems (CMS) against cyber-attacks. Advisor: Dr. Young Moon

Second Place: Kyungrok Won. Bring Your Own Ethereum Network (Proof-of-Stake). Advisor: Dr. Wenliang Du

Energy, Environment & Smart Materials

First Place: Alexander Hartwell. Ceramic Origami: Utilizing Bilayer Shrinkage to Form Intricate 3D Ceramic Objects. Advisor: Dr. Jeongmin Ahn

Second Place: Johnson Agyapong. Surface Functionalization of 4D Printed Substrates Using Polymeric and Metallic Wrinkles. Advisor: Dr. James Henderson

Health and Well-Being

First Place: Maryam Ramezani. Enzymatically-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers for Chronic Wound Infection Surveillance and Biofilm Prevention. Advisor: Dr. Mary Beth Monroe

Second Place: Yikang Xu. Micron-scale topographies affect phagocytosis of bacterial cells on polydimethylsiloxane. Advisor: Dr. Dacheng Ren

Sensors, Robotics & Smart Systems

First Place: Shao-Peng Yang. Overcoming the Memory Wall with CXL-Enabled SSDs. Advisor: Dr. Bryan Kim

Second Place: Akib Jawad Nafis. VETIOT: On Vetting IoT Defenses Enforcing Policies at Runtime. Advisor: Dr. Endadul Hoque


First Place: Romesh Prasad. Reinforcement learning agent based cyber-manufacturing systems recovery Faculty advisor: Dr. Young Moon

Second Place (tie): Paul Sagoe. Fabrication of Nanoparticles loaded Microparticles for Sustain and Target Delivery of Zoledronate to Activated Macrophages for the Modulation of Inflammation in Osteoarthritis. Faculty advisor: Dr. Era Jain

Second Place (tie): Arick Grootveld. Reinforcement Learning based Resource Allocation for Radar Scanning and Multi-target Tracking. Faculty advisor: Dr. Venkata Gandikota

Honorable Mention: Cheng Lyu. Poster number: The Impacts of Dynamic Line Rating on Systems with High Levels of Renewable Energy Resources. Faculty advisor: Dr. Sara Eftekharnejad


Oral Presentation Co-Chairs

Dr. Victor Duenas (ECS) Dr. Sara Eftekharnejad (ECS) Dr. Natarajan Gautam (ECS)Dr. Anupam Pandey (ECS) Dr. Younes Ra’di (ECS)  Dr. Ted Walker (ECS) Dr. Teng Zeng (ECS) Dr. Yi Zheng (ECS)  

Poster Session Judges

Dr. Riyad S Aboutaha (ECS) Dr. Ali Bahrami (Fulton) Dr. Michael Birnkrant (Carrier) Dr. Biao Chen (ECS) Dr. Ruth Chen (ECS) Dr. Bing Dong (ECS) Dr. Eric Finkelstein (ECS) Dr. Zhenyu Gan (ECS) Dr. Nadeem Ghani (ECS) Dr. Endadul Hoque (ECS)  Dr. Bryan Kim (ECS) Dr. Fanxin Kong (ECS) Dr. Xiyuan Liu (ECS) Dr. Jean-Daniel Medjo Me Biomo (ECS) Dr. Joao Paulo Marum (ECS) Dr. Kris Micinski (ECS) Dr. Mary Beth Monroe (ECS) Dr. Igor Mrdjen (BloomOptix) Dr. Ozioma F Nwabor (ECS) Dr. Baris Salman (ECS) Dr. Ashok Sangani (ECS)Dr. Cynthia Smith (ECS) Dr. Yiyang Sun (ECS) Dr. Christopher M Thomas       (Chimera Bioworks) Dr. Pierre Wellner (airCoda) Dr. Guangchao Wan (ECS) Dr. Garret Katz (ECS) Dr. Yeqing Wang (ECS) Dr. Yaoying Wu (ECS) Dr. Reza Zafarani (ECS)

Poster Session Co-Chairs

Dr. Zhao Qin (ECS)   Dr. Senem Velipasalar (ECS)