The Syracuse University, College of Engineering and Computer Science is delighted to welcome our regional partners as we host the 2022 ASEE St. Lawrence Section Annual Conference in-person on our beautiful campus in Syracuse New York.

The conference theme is Engineering Builds Connections.

Conference Dates: March 25-26, 2022

For Attendees

Please join us at the conference, enjoy the Friday evening banquet, listen to our visionary plenary speaker, meet with other engineering educators to discuss and reflect on session topics and advance new ideas, meet up and coming students committed to changing the world and advancing technology as they present their posters at the poster session, and end the conference with awards, recognition and an ice cream social.

For Authors

Please submit an abstract for a full paper or an extended abstract. We welcome all those who are interested, even if your work falls outside the conference theme – our main stipulation is that your work relates to engineering or engineering technology education

Abstracts (to submit a Paper/Presentation) submission link: 

  • Abstracts are due by January 18, 2022
  • Draft papers/extended abstracts due: February 28, 2022
  • Final papers/extended abstracts due: April 4, 2022

For Students

Please submit an extended abstract for the Student Poster session on your engineering education or research project.

Student posters submission link:

  • Abstracts are due by February 28, 2022
  • Posters due: March 22, 2022

Contact David Titley-Peloquin ( or Emily Hammond ( for questions regarding abstract submissions. 

Event Schedule

Friday, March 25, 2022

Registration/Poster Set-Up
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Whitman J. School of Management Center Hall
Casual Cash Bar Reception
6:00pm – 6:50pm
Sheraton Hotel (directly across the street from Whitman Center Hall)


7:00pm – 9:00pm
Whitman Center Hall
7:10pmDean’s Welcome
Dr. J. Cole Smith
7:30pm – 8:10pm Co-Presentation:Partnership for Inclusive Education (PIE)
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Martha Diede
Associate Teaching Professor, Pun To (Douglas) Yung
8:30pm – 8:50pmASEE Update From HQ – ASEE Immediate Past President, Sheryl Sorby

Saturday, March 26, 2022

8:30 am – 9:50 am
Whitman Center Hall
Student Poster Session
8:30am – 9:50am
Whitman 2nd Floor Center Hall
Student Poster REVIEW 9:15am – 9:50am
10:00am – 11:00am
Whitman Center Hall
Sweet Legacy: Pioneering Engineering Education in the St. Lawrence Region
Associate Professor Edward A. Bogucz      
Technical Sessions
11:10am – 12:10pm     
Whitman Rooms – 101 – 102
12:10 pm – 1:10 pm
Whitman Center Hall
Technical sessions
1:10pm – 2:10pm
Whitman Rooms – 101 – 102
Technical sessions
2:20pm – 3:20pm
Whitman Rooms – 101 – 102
Closing Ceremony/Remarks         
3:30pm – 4:15pm    
Whitman Center Hall

Technical Session Details

11:10AM – 12:10PM | Technical session 1A | Whitman Room 101

  1. Confirmation of ammonia recovery net effectiveness on energy production at increased loading rates
    Presenter: Bryan Dwyer
  2. Hands-on Labs for Secure Programming on Modern Trusted Platforms
    Presenter: Yuzhe  Tang
  3. Mitigation of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (cHABs) and cyanotoxins by electrochemical oxidation: from bench-scale study to field application   
    Presenter: Shasha Yang
  4. Using Microfluidics to study the Vascular System in a freshman class 
    Presenter: Shivaun D Archer

11:10AM – 12:10PM | Technical session 1B | Whitman Room 102

  1. Creating Equity-Focused STEM Learning Programs with k2i academy
    Presenter: Lisa Cole
  2. Exploring Child Creative Habits of Mind in an Out-of-School Engineering Program
    Presenter: Peter N. Knox
  3. Increasing the success rate of the commercialization of university research
    Presenter: Andrew Lewis Maxwell
  4. STEM QuESTS: A Design Challenge to Engage Students in STEM Education
    Presenter: Jan DeWaters
  5. Educational Comics: A novel pedagogy for teaching transferable and humanistic skills in Engineering
    Presenter: Kai Hua Zhuang

1:10PM – 2:10PM | Technical session 2C | Whitman Room 101

  1. NSF RESET: A Conference to Support Returning Women’s Transition to Computing and Technology Discipline 
    Presenter: Farzana Rahman
  2. Representation of women of color in STEM roles in popular films
    Presenter: Syed Ali Kamal
  3. The portrayal of faculty wellbeing in popular media: a comparison of STEM vs non-STEM faculty
    Presenter: Matilde Luz Sanchez-Pena
  4. “You have it easier because you are a women” – experiences of engineering women faculty in the era of DEI.  
    Presenter: Esther Jose

1:10PM – 2:10PM | Technical session 2D | Whitman Room 102

  1. Designing my first prosthetic hand as a freshman student.   
    Presenter: Juan Pablo S. Sola
  2. Integration of a Local Riverbank Failure Problem in Civil Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum
    Presenter: Robert J Schneider
  3. Morphing pasta, making food alive
    Presenter: Teng Zhang
  4. The Mind-Controlled Wheelchair
    Presenter: Garrett Stoyell  

2:20PM – 3:20PM | Technical session 2E | Whitman Room 101

  1. Observation, reflection, and goal setting, support development of inclusive, student-centered practices in engineering peer educators, improve student perception of learning, and create community
  2. Exploring Engineering Students’ Attitudes: Impacts of a Sociotechnical and Technical Course
    Presenter: Felicity J Bilow
  3. Utilizing Teaching Assistants to Increase Active Learning in Lectures  
    Presenter: Doga Yucalan
  4. Education and Outreach Activities at Syracuse University to Promote Power Engineering and Increase Participation of Underrepresented Students in Research
    Presenter: Sara Eftekharnejad

2:20PM – 3:20PM | Technical session 2F | Whitman Room 102

  1. Implementation of Interactive Technology to Improve Students’ Active Learning and Engagement in MATLAB Programming   
    Presenter: Xiyuan Liu
  2. Project-Based Learning in a Simulation Course to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Presenter: Michael Kuhl
  3. Simulators as Teaching Tools 
    Presenter: Elizabeth A O’Neill
  4. Using Accessibility Technology to Engage Your Students and Enhance Communication in Your Technical Classroom
    Presenter: Kristen  Starin


Registration TypeEarly (before 2/25/2022)Regular (after 2/25/2022)Late (after 3/15/2022)
Professional (Friday and Saturday)$170.00$210.00$250.00
Professional (Saturday only without banquet)$125.00$150.00$200.00
Guest (Reception and Banquet)$60.00$90.00$120.00
Student (with Reception and Banquet)$90.00$120.00$150.00
Student (without Reception and Banquet)$50.00$60.00$90.00
Retiree (with Reception and Banquet)$95.00$120.00$150.00
Retiree (without Reception and Banquet)$60.00$90.00$120.00

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Call for Papers

Abstract deadline: January 18, 2022

Abstracts (to submit a Paper/Presentation) submission link: 

Student posters submission link: 

Who should consider submitting: 

  • Educators at all levels
  • K-12/K-I educators
  • University/college faculty
  • Post-doctoral researchers
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students

Topics: All submissions should be connected to engineering education and engineering technology. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic and industry collaboration
  • Assessment of teaching and learning
  • Connected engineering communities
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in engineering
  • Experiential learning and project based learning
  • Integrating technology into engineering education
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship in engineering
  • Outreach and pipeline solutions
  • Trends and innovations in engineering education
  • Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit discipline specific topics related to their research or capstone projects. 

Abstract body is limited to 300 words and should succinctly summarize the work to be presented.

Presentation formats: 

  • Full presentations (15 minutes): All papers must be presented and have the option of being accompanied by a full paper (< 15 pages) or extended abstract (< 4 pages). Papers and extended abstracts will be reviewed for publication on the ASEE STL Section website and ASEE National website.
  • Student poster presentations: Students are invited to present their discipline specific topics and capstone projects via a poster presentation.

Awards: The Best Paper Award, Best Diversity Paper Award, and Best Poster Awards will be presented at the conference and will be posted on the ASEE STL Section website.


Student poster deadlines:

Contact David Titley-Peloquin ( or Emily Hammond ( for questions regarding abstract submissions. 

Hotel Accommodations

Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center
801 University Ave, Syracuse, NY 1321

All reservations must be received by March 7, 2022, in order to secure the discounted rate offered below.

Please note that even though rooms may still be available after March 7, 2022, the discounted pricing below may no longer be valid or available for booking.

$139 + Tax, Fees, & Parking – Breakfast will be provided at conference site

Parking and Travel Info

Free parking will be available to Conference participants in the following SU Lots from 3pm 3/25/22 – 5pm 3/26/22:

University Avenue North Lot Directions

University Avenue South Lot Directions