Program Overview

  • Uniquely combines mathematical modeling, computer programming, data science and business analytics to solve significant problems in a variety of domains
  • Provides hands-on experience through a required capstone project
  • Open to students with an undergraduate degree in any STEM field and built for people who have a diversity of backgrounds
  • Variety of electives offered so students can tailor to their interests and skills
  • Applied operations research program with computer science and artificial intelligence flavor

Relevant Learning Outcomes

  • Apply operations research models and methods to identify, formulate, and solve problems in engineering systems
  • Use principles of mathematical programming to make informed holistic decisions while being cognizant of their societal, economic, and environmental impact
  • Proficiency in scientific tools to efficiently operate systems with significant uncertainty and predict their performance
  • Perform descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics using data-driven approaches and communicate the outcomes effectively
  • Integrate concepts from mathematics, programming, and engineering to design and optimize systems, analyze trade-offs, and interpret results for engineering practice

Program Curriculum

  • Mathematical background (2 courses)
    • Linear Algebra and Applications (ELE 603)
    • Introduction to Probabilistic Models (ELE 606)
  • Operations research topics (2 courses)
    • Optimization Techniques (MAE 630)
    • Stochastic Modeling and Applications (ECS 629)
  • Machine learning topics  (1 course)
    • Machine Learning Algorithms (CIS 662)
  • Electives (4 courses)
    • Select courses from areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering management, and industrial engineering
  • Industrial project experience (1 course)
    • Capstone project in operations research and system analytics (ECS 697)

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