4+1 Electrical Engineering BS/Masters Program

This combined degree is for students who want to complete consecutively the Bachelor of Science (BSEE) and Master of Science (MSEE) degree in electrical engineering. The combined degree is designed to be completed in 5 years. Two courses (6 credits) at the 500- level or higher may be counted towards both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degrees.

Undergraduates need to initiate the application process to the combined BS/MS degree program early in the summer following their junior year and before their senior year begins. Students who have met eligibility criteria will receive an invitation to apply after their spring semester grades have been posted.

The Electrical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org, under the General Criteria and the Electrical, Computer, Communications, Telecommunication(s) and Similarly Named Engineering Programs Program Criteria.