What are the biggest technological changes that have transformed the world in the last fifty years? Computers, mobile phones, 3D movies, the internet, energy-efficient lighting systems, electrical appliances, TVs with remote controls, streaming video, missiles that reach targets with pinpoint accuracy, telesurgery, automobiles that drive or park themselves, mobile banking, medical data readily accessible to the physician, wireless sensors that monitor the health of people and bridges, game-playing programs that beat world champions in Chess or Jeopardy!

Who develops these incredible systems? Who will invent the future?

The answers come from the students and faculty in our department: electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer & information scientists.

Well-established and new focus areas of research include:

In each of these areas, our faculty and students are developing new ways to transform the world.

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Jae C. Oh

Jae Oh
Professor and Department Chair