Newly Admitted Students FAQS

Are orientations mandatory?

Yes, you must attend all orientations. In particular, the EECS departmental orientation and the international student orientation are extremely important. Make sure to check your SU email for all orientation communications. For more info, visit

What should I do if my visa is delayed?

If you think that you won’t get your U.S. visa on time, you can defer your attendance to a later semester. Please contact

When are the orientation dates?

Information about fall orientation dates will be sent out to all enrolled students via email in July, so be sure to check your SU email for updates. If you have any questions, contact

What is the absolute last day of arrival on Syracuse University’s Campus and check-in to the EECS department and the international student office?

You must arrive on campus so that you can attend both the departmental and international student orientations (see above). If you are not able to arrive on time for orientation, then you may consider deferring your admission to a later semester. (See above for information regarding deferral)

Where can I find EECS faculty information?

You can visit the EECS Department to find information on department faculty members and their areas of research.

Is it possible to change to another program within the EECS department?

Even if you are admitted to one program in the EECS department, that does not mean you will be automatically admitted to another program in the department. Once you arrive at Syracuse, you may apply for an internal transfer after finishing one semester. The department will assess your qualifications for the program that you wish to transfer and make a decision. It is entirely possible that your application to transfer may be denied, or that any merit scholarship you had may not transfer to the new program. We do not accept or process an internal transfer before you arrive at Syracuse and complete one semester.

How do I pay my deposit after my visa gets approved?

The official letter from the Graduate Enrollment Management Center (GEMC) will provide all the details on submitting your deposit. If you have not received that letter after 14 business days following the department letter, please contact

When can I register for classes through MySlice?

New graduate student registration for fall 22 begins on Aug. 1. For spring admissions, we’ll send you an email regarding registration. Enrolled students will receive an email in July with course selection/advising/orientation information for the fall semester. Be sure to check your SU email for updates.

I would like to defer my admission. Which semester can I defer to?

You can start either in the fall or spring semester. After your admission is deferred for one year, no additional deferrals will be granted and you must re-apply for admission.

Who will be my academic advisor?

International students may need to list their academic advisor as part of their visa application process. Please list Graduate Program Director Dr. Qinru Qiu as your advisor. Her website is

Otherwise, you will receive advising/course selection information prior to the registration start date. Please hold your other questions for Orientation.

I have been in the U.S. for a while. Can I get my TOEFL score waived?

Even if you’ve been in the U.S. for a while, your TOEFL score will not get waived. Please visit our international students page for more info.

I don’t think I need the bridge course(s) assigned to me. How do I get a waiver?

The admission committee carefully reviewed your application and made that recommendation. Therefore, we will not review your application again. There may be an exemption exam depending on the number of students who wish to be re-evaluated.

Do I have to pay for bridge courses?

No, you do not have to pay for bridge courses.

What are “Bridge Courses?”

These are courses assigned to you at the time of admission that will allow you to succeed in your academic coursework.

I was denied admission. Can you reconsider?

Unfortunately, we don’t reconsider students who have been denied admission, but you can always reapply for the next academic year after improving your academic background.

What are the requirements for graduation for MSEE, MSCE, MSCS, and other programs?

Visit our academic programs for more information.