Intelligent Systems Including Data Mining & Network Analysis

Link creation, leader selection, and community detection in consensus/synchronization networks.

Data Mining, Social Network Dynamics, Evolutionary Optimization, Neural Networks, Anomaly Detection.

Multi-agent systems, Game theory, Swarm robotics, large scale learning and classification, Big data visualization.

Machine Learning, Security and Privacy in Social Networks.

Structure of social networks and communities, Identifying communities in networks, Predicting missing links, Applications. Interdisciplinary topics, including ecology, social sciences, and computational sustainability.

Text Mining and Social media mining.

Information fusion, Intelligent signal processing.

Wireless embedded smart cameras, mobile camera applications (including smart phones and UAVs), wearable sensors, visual surveillance, smart camera networks and resource efficient algorithms for embedded platforms.

Big Data Analytics, Social Media Mining, Large-Scale Information Networks, Social Computing; Information diffusion, influence, opinion formation, and means of evaluation in social media.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Privacy, Multi-agent Systems