Tomislav Bujanovic

Associate Teaching Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

4-125 CST



  • Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lab/Center Affiliation(s):

Smart Grid Lab

Smart Grid and Power Engineering Lab at Syracuse University has been developed to support teaching and research in contemporary Power Engineering.

  • Power Engineering Lab section has been designed for basic and advanced teaching and research in Power Electronics, Sensors & Measurements, Electromechanical Devices, including control systems, communication, and signal processing aspects. The advanced power electronics boards, supported by the real-time interfaces, are equipped for modern undergraduate and graduate level contemporary experimentation in power electronics and electromechanical devices.
  • Smart Grid Lab section enables continued development of a multidisciplinary research concept that includes advances in communication and control systems, cyber-security, privacy, and economics. This section consists of the setups for electrical transmission and distribution system, solar and wind energy integration, and synchrophasor measurement technology implementation.
  • Smart Home Lab section has been designed for building wired and wireless communication infrastructure and algorithm development for future smart home ideas. The lab is equipped with smart metering infrastructure, providing state-of-the-art environment to our researchers.
  • Distant learning concept implementation in Smart Grid Lab has been developed to enable the on-line lectures and student presentations, as well as the distant lab experiment demonstrations.

Research Interests:

  • Distributed generation integration and control in electric power microgrid
  • Dynamic optimization of microgrid operations and islanding capabilities
  • Microgrid secure communication and cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Singularity detection and classification and signal segmentation
  • Segmentation and motion estimation in time-varying images

Current Research:

  • Methodology for the development of sustainable microgrid infrastructure with distributed generation including difficult‑to‑predict renewable energy sources (survey of existing assets, economic feasibility study, technical feasibility study, microgrid design and pre‑deployment parameter validation, on‑site commissioning, post‑deployment metrics validation)
  • Microgrid stability and protection challenges (synchrophasor technology implementation for real time monitoring and control, protection schemes coordination with distributed generation, merging challenges of monitoring and protection infrastructure)
  • Sustainable microgrid operations by real time load scheduling optimization, using nonlinear and heuristic approaches
  • Microgrid cyber secure, distributed, and resilient communication architecture
  • Smart metering implementation for demand priority optimization and consumer’s cost reduction with energy availability and signal disaggregation constraints
  • Singularity detection and classification and signal segmentation in medical electroencephalography signals for real time epileptic seizure monitoring

Courses Taught:

Power engineering basic and advanced courses in:

  • Power electronics
  • Electromechanical devices
  • Sensors & measurements
  • Electric power systems
  • Distributed generation integration in smart grid
  • Advanced measurements in power engineering
  • Microprocessor based power system protection
  • Control of distributed generation

Signal processing and applied mathematics basic and advanced courses in:

  • Signals & systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Functional methods and linear analysis
  • Spectral analysis and adaptive filtering
  • Wavelets

Supporting teaching courses in:

  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • Introduction to Smart Grid
  • Smart grid: Security, Privacy, & Economy

Professional activities:

  • American Society for Engineering Education, St Lawrence Section Conference Co‑Chair, Syracuse, April 17‑18, 2015
  • American Society for Engineering Education, St Lawrence Section Chair, 2015


  • Six-sigma green belt, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY, 2012
  • Anti-explosion defense of electrical appliances on over-ground places imperiled from explosive blends, Institute for Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia, 1995
  • Specialist’s examination certificate (the specialist’s examination for engineers dealing with construction projects), Chamber of the Economy of Serbia, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1993 (Serbian/Yugoslavian equivalent to Professional Engineer in the USA)

Publications & Presentations:

Arnav Kavadia et al., The Smart Grid: Operational, Privacy, Security & Economic Issues, American Society for Engineering Education, St Lawrence Section Conference, Syracuse, NY, 2015

Tomislav Bujanovic & Prasanta Ghosh, Laboratory Experiments for Enhanced Learning of Electromechanical Devices, American Society for Engineering Education, Zone 1 Conference, Bridgeport, CT, 2014

Tomislav Bujanovic & Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, On Wavelet Transform General Modulus Maxima Metric for Singularity Classification in Mammograms, Open Journal of Medical Imaging, 2013, 3, 17-30

Tomislav Bujanovic et al., Development of Undergraduate Power Engineering Teaching and Learning for future Smart Grid, American Society for Engineering Education, St. Lawrence Section Conference, Buffalo, NY, 2013

Liwen Sun et al., Wavelet Application to Detect Spikes in EEG Signals Due to Epileptic Seizure, IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium, New York City, NY, 2012