Thong Dang


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

462L Link Hall



  • Ph.D., MIT

Research Interests:

  • Fluid Mechanics, CFD
  • Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Turbomachine
  • Energy & Indoor Environment Quality

Current Research:

Professor Dang’s research interests are in fluid mechanics (CFD), aerodynamics, propulsion, turbomachine and energy and indoor environment quality.

In the area of aerodynamics/propulsion/turbomachine, research interests include novel airfoil concepts for propulsion and circulation control by embedding crossflow fans into the airfoil/wing, body-force modelling of bypass fan system in full aircraft CFD simulations under 3D inlet distortion, development of highly-coupled coil and wide-angle vane-diffuser axial fan concept, aerodynamics and design of cooling fan in compact and high-power computer servers.

In the area of lndoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Energy Systems, research interests include studies to improve the personal micro-environment in built-environments (e.g. building offices, aircraft cabins) using local air delivery and removal systems, control of natural ventilation in tall buildings with aerodynamic shape via manipulating building envelope pressure loading with emphasis on the use of novel concepts to synergistically harvest wind energy and improve IAQ, and flow/thermal management from server to data-center room levels.

Courses Taught:

  • AEE 343 Compressible Flow
  • AEE 446 Aerospace Propulsion
  • MAE 571 Applications of CFD
  • MAE 585 Principles of Turbomachines
  • MAE 643 Fluid Dynamics
  • MAE 771 Computational Fluid Mechanics

Selected Publications:

Mao, Y. and Dang, T., “A Three-Dimensional Body-Force Model for Nacelle-Fan Systems under Inlet Distortion,” Aerospace Science and Technology, vol. 106, November 2020.

Mao, Y. and Dang, T., “A Simple Approach for Modeling Fan Systems with a CFD-Based Body-Force Model”, AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power, June 2020.

Kong, M., Zhang, J., Dang, T., Hedge, E., Teng, T., Carter, B., Chianese, C., and Khalifa, E., “Micro-environmental Control for Efficient Local Cooling: Results from Manikin and Human Subject Tests,” Building & Environment, 160, 2019.

Kong, M., Dang, T., Zhang, J. and Khalifa, E., “Micro-environmental Control for Local Heating: CFD Simulation and Manikin Test Verification,” Building & Environment, 147, 2019.

Phan, N., Welles, A., Sarimurat, M. and Dang, T., “Leading Edge Embedded Fan Airfoil Concept – A New Powered High Lift Technology,” presented at the International Power Lift Conference, Bristol, UK, November 2018.